I have to admit, when it comes to pop culture, I’m a little “behind” . . .


Yesterday, one headline kept showing up in the news, was a top trending search on Google, and even ended up in my Facebook news feed (and all posts from that user are now hidden) – I had to get to the “bottom” of this.


I could care less about this all, “butt” the marketing message had reached me in spite of this!


Let’s look at the “backside” of this marketing lesson for 3 takeaways that we can apply to our own Etsy shop.


(Have no idea what I’m talking about yet?  . . . I almost don’t want to tell you, because you are fine without knowing, but here is an article titled “Why Kim Kardashian is the world’s best marketer” that describes her buttocks and how she tried to “break the internet” with it.


Write Titles That Grabs Attention


The phrase “break the internet” is catchy!  I even used it in this blog article title, because I thought it would capture your attention.  Typically, I advise Etsy sellers to title their Etsy products with a focus on keywords, search phrases, and a focus on customer shopping intent.


That technique is probably what you should be doing most of the time, but is it worth changing a product title like, “Vanilla Bean Milk Soap – 6oz bar – Free Shipping” to “3 Reasons You Might Find Yourself Eating Our Vanilla Bean Milk Soap”?  Could this work?  Or is this the type of language you should be using to promote with?


Get innovative with creative titles.


Ride Waves of Pop Culture Trends


Kim Kardashian has very little to do with your Etsy shop, but she is trending and a hot topic for clicks right now.  I’ve been helping Etsy sellers with their business since 2007 in my JJMFinance Etsy shop, have written a couple of books (Etsy-preneurship & Finding Your Inner Etsy-preneur) for Etsy sellers, and recently went full-time helping Etsy sellers with their business a couple of months ago.


Therefore, it’s no secret that I’m trying to grow my Etsy seller audience on Facebook.  I’ve ignored this task for years, but in about 3 weeks of Facebook effort I’ve made significant improvements.


This article is an attempt to provide content that is both entertaining and educational for the Etsy-preneurship audience while trying to “ride a pop culture wave”.  If you’re reading this, it might just have worked . . . now how can you apply this same concept to your business?


Can you create a product line of jewelry that is inspired by your favorite TV sitcom and market it with that message?  Can you keep your crafting integrity while still having fun with something that is trending in the social networks?  I think you probably can.


trending on facebook


Note above how Facebook added the little trending icon when this post shows up in the news feed . . . trending matters.


Get innovative by riding pop culture waves.


Experiment with Innovative Product Photography


Uhh, I will just skip the Kardashian photography parallel here . . .  The key business lesson is to try to think with innovation when it comes to photographing your product.


First, you really do need to master the whole “white background only” product photo.   It serves too many useful purposes to ignore (this is a whole separate topic I can address another time).


Is there a way you can photograph your product where it will be a click magnet standing out from the rest?  Kardashian went for shock and the lowest common denominator of exposure, but you can achieve similar results while maintaining your integrity.  Did the unusual combination of Etsy, Kim Kardashian, and a censored block grab your attention to read this article?


How can you make your product photo comical, sentimental, engaging, educational, historical, inspiring, or any other emotion that people connect with?  What new prop?  What wild angle?  What crazy situation?  What additional text?


Get innovative with product photography.


Now get your own “rear” in gear!


If you keep your eyes open, you can find ways to improve your business everywhere.  If your sales aren’t where you want them to be, you’ve got to try something new . . . something innovative!


Don’t just sit there wishing sales will pick up by themselves – they won’t!


Need a push in the “tush” for your Etsy shop?  Make sure you’ve connected with me, Jason Malinak CPA, via Facebook and make sure you’ve gotten all of my Etsy Freebies via email.  I promise to help your Etsy shop thrive!



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