Crowd-promoting is the act of many Etsy sellers promoting together to achieve a greater exposure than they can create by themselves.


“With crowd promoting, many Etsy sellers are featured on a single promotion.  All of these Etsy sellers promote that single promotion to their existing social media connections.  Every product is exposed to the other Etsy seller’s audiences.  It’s a nice way to have others promote on your behalf instead of always having to only promote your own products.  This gives you something to promote that is “others-focused” while still benefiting your shop.  Everyone works together.  Everyone wins.” – Jason Malinak of


You can read more the origins and examples of this crowd promoting method here:  Crowd Promoting Is the New & Improved Etsy Treasury.


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“The Work” by Metaphorchid on Etsy – over 3000 famous and infamous faces from around the world



Crowd Promoting Creates Viral Content


Viral content is something that is posted online by one person and everyone loves it and social networks see everyone loves it and then starts showing the content to more and more people.  Soon, a TON of people have seen the engaging content while surfing on social media.



3 Concepts That Put the CROWD in Crowd-promoting!


  1. Strong Social Media Signals – When thousands of Etsy sellers click the like and share button at the same time when they see the crowd promoting post, the social networks take notice.  When these same Etsy sellers then post a comment like their Etsy shop hyperlink and like each other’s posts, Facebook starts drooling!  Facebook loves engaging content and Facebook starts heavily showing this crowd-promoting post in the news feeds even more.  Etsy sellers promoting and interacting with a crowd promoting post help the post reach more people.  If you participate in a crowd-promotion event, you MUST like, comment, and share the post so Facebook is “informed” that this is a post they should show to everyone!


  1. Multiplied Audience Size – If your Facebook page has 100 fans, your products are in front of the eyes of some of those 100 fans plus a few more that Facebook might show to friends of your fans. When thousands of Etsy sellers combine their audiences, your products can be viewed by thousands of potential customers that are not typically seeing your products in their news feed.  If you have 1,000 or 10,000 or even 100,000 fans – everyone wins when the crowd promoting post is shared.  The last crowd promoting post was seen by over 424,000 people.  No one person has that many fans.  Our cooperation increases our collective audience size.


  1. Engaging Content (Photos & Branding) – Your products rock and are click-worthy photos.  Last time the crowd promoting event was successful, but it had very few click-worthy pictures and a lot of text.  We’re upping our game and will be making sure the visuals and branding are top notch!  When you participate in the upcoming crowd-promotion event, make sure you submit your top selling product on Etsy.  The very best your shop has to offer!  The very best photo in your shop receives the most clicks!


So with all of that . . . Together we’re going VIRAL Etsy sellers!


The finishing touches to the backed of the crowd promoting app took longer than expected, but we are getting closer to being able to launch.  Thanks for your patience and help as we make promotional history together.  Etsy sellers are truly better together!


So what do you need to do, so we achieve greatness together?


STEP 1:  Like the Etsy-preneurship and Handmadeology Facebook page to stay aware of the launch, news, and updates surrounding the NEW & IMPROVED #ShopUnique campaign.


STEP 2:  Like and Share this article you’re reading right now to help us unite and coordinate the thousands of active & serious Etsy sellers.  Only serious Etsy sellers will participate and reap the benefits from this new promotional technique.  Etsy sellers must invite other Etsy sellers to participate.


STEP 3:  When the new campaign is live.  Please follow the instructions to maximize the promotional reach of the campaign.  Unity in our coordinated efforts help us overcome social media hurdles surrounding “reach” (how many people see the promotional post).


Closing Thoughts from Jason


I’m very excited to see how this promotional campaign performs.  The last attempt was a success, but now we have many improved features, processes, and techniques that will hopefully make our promotional efforts together even greater.  Tim of Handmadeology just started the first beta test this morning – so get ready!  We’re close!


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