Etsy hosted their 2nd quarterly earnings conference call yesterday (8.4.15).


Here’s what I think is most important for Etsy sellers to know:


  • Start thinking about optimizing your shop for mobile sales. Mobile traffic and sales continues to grow.  60% of site visits are from mobile devices and 43% of sales.


  • Make sure your products are in appropriate and opportune categories, features, or product types. Etsy calls the new categories that appear at the top of very broad search terms “Exploratory Search”.


  • All keywords are not created equal. Discover keyword gems using the Ultimate Etsy Keyword Tool.  The right keywords matter.  Etsy targets a group of 20 or so keywords so the Etsy app can show up high in the list of apps to download.  (Take Etsy’s lead…the right keywords matter…Thrive Members currently are using the Ultimate Etsy Keyword Tool to mathematically identify specific search terms that are winners and losers).


  • When possible, sell internationally. 30% of sales on Etsy take place with one of the parties outside of the U.S.  They are targeting 50%.


  • Etsy’s still growing. Over the past year, sales, sellers, and buyers are still growing.  FYI – 21.7 million active buyers have purchased something over the past 12 months compared to the 1.5 million active sellers.  (This is about 14.46 buyers to sellers).


  • This might explain why your international sales have dropped? (US) Currency exchange rates have dampened the purchase of U.S. goods about 6% from last year.


  • Make sure you have allowed Etsy to promote your products on Google in your settings. Etsy plans on spending more on Google Ads in the next 2 months.


  • Do you know what % of your traffic is “true” organic vs. paid marketing? 90% of Etsy’s traffic is organic as compared to paid Google Ads driving in traffic.  The organic traffic also accounts for the bulk of sales on Etsy.  Etsy’s looking to make a positive ROI in about 2 years for every advertising dollar spent.


  • Fund on Etsy is still alive despite no recent activity. Etsy briefly mentioned the crowd funding that is in pilot (Fund on Etsy), but said it’s just starting out with nothing to report.


  • Small Manufacturing update. On the manufacturing front, Etsy states that there are 4,700 sellers using 7900 manufacturers.  85% of those manufacturers and sellers are in the same country.


  • A future of social selling integrated with Etsy? On Tumblr?  Here’s the Etsy-preneurship account – please followAn analyst asked about the potential of using Pinterest buy buttons.  Etsy responded that they are talking to social platforms about possible integrations with Etsy…mentioning that Etsy did a pilot test with Tumblr social sales.


If you want to listen to the conference call yourself, you can find it at the bottom of Etsy on the investor’s tab.  Or just click here

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