In step 1, we became experts at how to study and interpret our Etsy shop keyword report and look at what keywords are currently being used in our existing product(s).  This helped us identify our “seed” keywords and understand how much of our traffic really was primary search phrases or part of the “long-tail”.


Then in step 2, we turned those “seed” keywords/phrases into 100 potential keywords we could use for our products by using 13 ideation techniques that relied upon real search traffic and practical search applications.


Now, in step 3, we are going to gather a few key data points surrounding each of these keywords and run them through a group of formulas that will help us rank those potential keywords in order of significance.  Then, I’ll show you a couple of techniques of how you can take these “high potential” keywords and use them to multiply your impressions, views, and sales.


There’s no shortage of general “keyword tools” online, but this is the first comprehensive keyword tool for Etsy sellers that take into consideration the unique needs of Etsy sellers and is created by an Etsy seller.  You can’t get more keyword Etsy-specific than this!


It’s time to think back to your time in high school or college, when you were sitting in your economic class, because I’m going to cover a few business concepts that we will apply to how we find winner and loser keywords on Etsy.  These concepts will be working behind the scenes in our formulas to rank keywords in order of highest potential to lowest potential.


A High School Economics Class Can Help us Find the Best Etsy Keywords…


If you want to become a “Master of Etsy Keywords” and use The Ultimate Etsy Keyword Tool to make wise decisions surrounding your shop and product’s keywords, you can become a Thrive Member right now!


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