We’re continuing our quest to multiply our product listing’s impressions, views, and sales by using The Ultimate Etsy Keyword Tool – a spreadsheet tool that will help us choose the “golden nugget” keywords for our Etsy products.


In step 1, we started by understanding our keyword foundation that currently exists in our Etsy shop and products.  We are now able to answer the 14 most important keyword questions with confidence when we put in our keyword data from our shop stats and the resulting reports provide us the answers to these 14 questions.


We identified our product’s “seed” keywords and also know what our shop and product’s keyword graph look like.  We know what our graph currently looks like and have a general idea of what we want our keyword graph to look like as we manage our keywords in our products and monitor our keywords for our shop going forward.


If this 4 step keyword exercise is baking a cake, in step 1, we got all the ingredients out of the pantry and put them on the kitchen counter.  Today, in step 2, we are going to mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients.  Then, put it into the cake pan in preparation of baking it in the oven (step 3) and finally putting the icing on the cake and presenting it in a beautiful manner (step 4).  These 4 steps make up The Ultimate Etsy Keyword Tool.  We have to do all 4 steps in order to eat the yummy cake and experience the desired results of multiplied impressions, views, and sales.


Let’s stop reviewing and jump into Step 2 so we can become “Masters of Etsy Keywords”…


Introduction to Step 2:  Upgrading Your Etsy Keywords – Identification, Ideation & Mapping


If you want to become a “Master of Etsy Keywords” and use The Ultimate Etsy Keyword Tool to make wise decisions surrounding your shop and product’s keywords, you can become a Thrive Member right now!


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