This is my story of why I keep my 70 inch TV in a storage closet.


I’ve been selling on Etsy since 2007 with my Etsy shop, JJMFinance, and I’ve interacted with thousands of Etsy sellers.  One thing that I consistently see robbing Etsy sellers of sales and success is not spending enough time on making their business better.


Nielson reported this year that the average American watches 35 hours of TV per week.  That is almost an entire work week worth of time!


My family and I decided that there are better things to do with our lives than watch TV for 35 hours a week.


I do watch TV and shows on Netflix and Amazon, but I schedule how much I will watch per week, because I want to make sure that TV is not robbing me of the things that I think are more important.


I watch 1 hour of entertaining shows four days a week (toward the end of the week because I’m more tired).  I watch 15 minutes of historical documentaries with my kids as part of a daily learning time a couple of times per week.  I watch 1.5 hours of football or sports per week – if there is a big Baylor football game there might be a few more hours here.  So add that all up . . . I’m in front of a screen for 7 hours and 15 minutes per week.  Or on average, just over an hour per day.  Compare that to the 5 hours per day for the average American.


Getting More Productive Hours In A Day


When I look at my life, I should see 4 more hours of productivity per day as compared to the average American.  No matter what you are watching. . . TV is only marginally productive.


Most of what we watch is on the computer, so having the TV in the closet isn’t a problem.  When it is time to watch a movie or big football game. . . I take 5 minutes and set the TV up in the living room on in front of the fireplace and put it away when we are done.


The TV is put away because it is harder to turn it on randomly and watch it unintentionally.  I don’t leave it on non-stop throughout the day.  I don’t have the controller there to make it easy to veg out.  I don’t work while watching TV.  I give my focus to the other activities I do.


I get it. . . TV is entertaining.  It is a way to unwind.  It is fun.  It is mindless.  That is why I watch it for about an hour a day.


I also get that if you watch 5 hours of TV per day, you are not a bad person.  You just have decided that spending those 5 hours per day is more important that something else.  That could include working on your small business, creating something, being artistic, learning a new skill, reading, spending time with your family, helping others, making sure your household is in order, or anything else.  I also understand how you can watch TV while doing other tasks (exercising, cooking, etc).


The one question I want to end with is this:


“How much TV do you want to watch per week?”


Maybe the answer is 35 hours, maybe 7, or maybe zero.  It is my hope that you just answer this question with intentionality instead of letting the answer be chosen for you just because of a habit or ease.


If you watched less TV, think how you could spend the time.


Here’s a neat story about how limiting my TV time has helped my business . . .


“Seven years ago, my wife and I worked together for an hour or two together in the evening.  She was sewing baby clothes for her Etsy shop and I was creating a bookkeeping spreadsheet for Etsy sellers.  We had turned off the TV completely for a period of time as we both wanted to intently focus on starting our own businesses.  That initial bookkeeping spreadsheet designed specifically for Etsy seller has been updated many times since then, but has been the foundation for all of my future business ventures.  Those hours of not watching TV added up through the years to the point of becoming a full-time entrepreneur in the late summer of 2014.”


Set rules for your TV time or the TV might rule you.


If you want a successful business, you’ve got to not only improve your business, but better manage the way you live your life with intentionality.  All of us have our own hindrances to running our own businesses – find your own “mayhem, nonsense, and foolishness” and take intentional steps to manage it.


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