Recently, Ashley Budge, a Thrive Member, reached out to me in the Private Thrive Facebook Group and sent me the following message (specific keyword details removed):


“When I use tools4etsy to see what page my listing is on, I look to see what the top 40 listings are. There is a strong correlation between _____ and _____. When I originally updated my tags I focused more on _____. This landed me on page 15 of my targeted keyword phrase. When I saw this, I looked at the top listings and saw the correlation of _____. So I changed my tags to _____ and I am now on page 1. . . . but I wanted to share what I noticed and the result it gave me.”


Obviously, seeing this keyword message got this passionate-Etsy-SEO-analytical-CPA excited!  Since I’ve been pouring over thousands of points of data covering almost every Etsy SEO variable imaginable, I was thrilled to see some other variables I had not yet researched relating to tags.  I took a look at her shop and told her I would crunch the number shortly to see if indeed there was a statistical trend in this new area.


Ok, the truth . . . I told her I would look at it next week, but I couldn’t wait that long!


Ashley Shop


I woke up the next morning and startied testing the new tag assumptions.  My “quick statistical test” showed promising trends, so I worked for about 6 hours crunching all the numbers on this tag techniques for the complete story.  I got the final results and gave Ashley a call to chat through my findings.


Her “gut feel of tag correlation” was indeed correct and proven in the sample of Etsy products that I have been statistically testing.  Through our discussions, she also shared another concept regarding tags that I have never heard discussed anywhere in the world of Etsy before.  She had taken a tag concept I had researched & developed and slightly added something on top of it.  It’s not rocket science, but it does make sense in light of my previous findings.


An Awesome Tagging Concept!


This new technique I have not been able to statistically test, because I haven’t seen any other Etsy sellers using it yet in the sample I’ve been testing!  It’s a slight nuance.   Now, that’s exciting – especially considering how many listings I’ve looked at in detail over the past 7 years.


So, I gathered the new graphs up and started writing out the findings to share with Thrivers.  The awesome news is that many Thrive Members have been able to take the existing statistically proven tips and improve their search results.  Now, with Ashley’s two additional tag concepts, it is my hope that the results they are seeing will improve even more or gain additional traction to “move up even more” in the search results.




I’ll be the first person to tell you that I don’t know everything in the world about Etsy SEO.  Yes, I have spent weeks upon weeks of my life discovering (number crunching) what elements matter and what elements are insignificant, but the Etsy search algorithm is a secret that only Etsy developers know.  I can statistically explain a large % of the search results (approaching 83% of the results before these two new finding – so it’s probably higher once I get some time to update my model), but there will always be parts of it that are “an unknown black box that we can’t see into”.


Also, I’m excited that being a Thrive Member is bigger than just the tips I share.  Thrive is developing as a community of serious-minded Etsy sellers that work hard and help each other by sharing what they know with each other.  It is a place where you can ask questions and not feel dumb.  It allows like-minded people to improve together – edging each other on.


Almost every day, a Thrive Member shares a tip they’ve picked up along their journey with the group.  I’m learning new things, too – I love it!  Thrive Members are working together, edging each other on, and replacing Etsy games with smart work and productive discussions.




Ashley Budge of Country Stitched sells infinity scarves, coffee sleeves, skate covers, dog blankets, throw pillow covers, and more.  She just passed her 100th Etsy sale – congrats!  I’m proud to call her a Thrive Member.  Here is what she has to say,


“Thrive has really pushed me to think differently and more strategically about my Etsy shop. There is a wealth of knowledge that every Etsy shop owner needs to have that goes far beyond taking good photos and having good titles and tags. Jason dives deep into the depths of Etsy to provide members with information you won’t find anywhere else.”


Ashley Products


Thrive Members, share your appreciation with Ashley in the comments and you can read the ***Update to “A Sample Tag Formula”*** here.  (Look for the new section titled “***Update to “A Sample Tag Formula”*** about 3/4ths of the way down the page).


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