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Leonardo Da Vinci combined the secrets of good art and science together in his works.  Keyword selection is part art and part science.  Enjoy these tips…  Regards, Jason


Keyword Pointers:




Focus on keyword phrases that are 4 words long or less.




“Extra” keywords sandwiched in between the “good” keyword don’t really help. Titles need consecutive word order to exactly match customer searches. Good titles come first – then write your tags. An awesome 4 word phrase at the beginning of the title is a huge listing booster! Then, create tags that mirror/parallel the title. Example Title: “Sterling Silver Cross Necklace” Example Tags: “Sterling Silver”, “Silver Cross”, “Cross Necklace” etc.




Even if you have 4 good keywords – they need to be in the optimal order.




Some 4 word long keyword phrases are winners – others are losers. Only use the winners. The 4 word phrase “Sterling Silver Cross Necklace” will rank for “Sterling Silver Cross Necklace”, “Sterling Silver Cross”, “Silver Cross Necklace”, “Sterling Silver”, “Silver Cross”, “Cross Necklace”, “Sterling”, “Silver”, “Cross”, and “Necklace”. Not all 4 word phrases are created equal…




Never confuse “engagement” with true search demand. Don’t only use high search demand or low “competition” by itself to choose your keyword phrases. Similar to your high-school economics class, optimal keyword selections are where search demand meets search supply in a favorable ratio. It’s typical to find keyword phrases that are 50 to 200 times better than other keyword phrases, so make sure you’re not wasting your time on losers. Finding those types of keyword phrases that place you in front of more opportunity for sales is a way to win more sales and gain shop momentum.


How do I know which 4 word long keyword phrases are best for my shop/products?


Keyword Tool for Etsy Sellers by Jason Malinak CPA of Etsy-preneurship


The Keyword Tool for Etsy Sellers empowers you to easily select optimal 4-word, 3-word, and 2-word long keyword phrases.

You can now put keywords in the optimal order AND choose phrases that have a high opportunity ratio (true higher search demand with lower competition levels).


How the Tool/App Works:


Summary Report Screen Capture

• Type 4 words that describe your product.

• 64 keyword phrase combinations are created automatically.

• Click a button to automatically gather search supply (inventory levels from Etsy).

• Simply paste search demand data from Google’s AdWords: Keyword Planner.

• See the best keyword phrases from 1 of 3 reports to meet your needs (Quick Summary Report, Title Builder Report, or “All The Details” Report)

• Repeat as needed to find your shop’s keyword gold.


Bonus Features:


Flowchart of Keyword Tool for Etsy Sellers


Historical Etsy Searches – A list of 14,000+ keyword phrases that are often searched on Etsy for your personal keyword research needs or identifying new niches of products for your business to design and sell. (These keywords were once provided by Etsy and are no longer available-circa 2014).


historical capture


New Keyword Ideas – Take those 64 keyword phrase combinations and let Google help you turn those into 800+ related keyword ideas – viewed from highest monthly search demand to least. Just a few minutes in this report is guaranteed to help you identify new words you might consider using…all referred by the de facto search powerhouse – Google.


keyword ideas capture


Keyword Dictionary – You should benefit from the keyword research you do for all time – not lose it when you “sign off”. No one remembers all their best keywords to continually use in the future without keeping track of them. When using this keyword tool to research, you can save the winners to keep coming back to them when you are writing new titles. This tool provides long-term benefits for your immediate small efforts.


dictionary capture


Keyword Analysis – Through Etsy’s shop and product stats, you can learn a lot about your current keywords through 5 visuals that are unique to your keywords. Understanding what’s really happening with the keywords “behind the scenes” in your Etsy shop will really be an eye-opening experience.


analysis keyword capture


See how easily you can find optimized 4 keyword long phrases – start using the Keyword Tool for Etsy Sellers today.




After you subscribe for the monthly payment via PayPal, look for an email to your PayPal email address (typically within 24 hours).  You will receive a link to a quick start guide as well as a training video.

Yes.  The Keyword Tool for Etsy Sellers is an online business tool – a type of “app” that empowers you to select optimal keyword phrases.  An Etsy-preneurship Thrive Membership is exclusive access to monthly training videos and summary tip sheets for Etsy sellers – education on topics that rotate from SEO, marketing techniques, general business tips, promoted listings, and everything else.  Both are for Etsy sellers that are serious about success.

You don’t have to be an Etsy-preneurship Thrive Member to use the Keyword Tool.  You don’t have to use the Keyword Tool to benefit from the Etsy-preneurship Thrive Member trainings.  I created both the tool and the private Membership group to more fully meet the needs of everyday serious Etsy sellers.  The online tool offers you a practical way to identify keyword winners and the membership group trains and stretches you to improve your overall Etsy business.  I see great benefits in using both of these services-hence why I have created both.  Some sellers will only use one service, while others will use both.  I trust you to make the best decision for your business’ unique needs and budget.  (Since I’ve had access to this Keyword Tool, I’ve used it almost every single day while helping Etsy sellers – I no longer can write a title without it).

I’m not a fan of “engagement” trying to act like true demand.  Why?  Simple engagement levels often give false positives for high demand.  How?  Just because an item has a lot of views with a certain keyword phrase within it, doesn’t mean that specific keyword phrase generated the view.  A focus on engagement is good, but not for selecting keywords with high search demand.


It’s similar to looking at the number of chicken recipes pinned on Pinterest for all time to determine how many chickens were bought at the grocery store last month.  Just ask the grocery store (Google) how many chickens they sold last month instead of making assumptions about demand (through Lifetime Pinterest Pins).


Obviously, it would be superb if Etsy just flat out told us how many times certain search phrases were searched each month, but they don’t…So when it comes to determining search demand, I like hard monthly consistent search demand numbers from Google (the search authority) over squishy engagement indicators that can be derived from Etsy in round-about manners.

The tool runs on the power of Google cloud services (Google Account, Google Adwords:  Keyword Planner, Google Sheets, and Google programming) – giving you greater control and flexibility.

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your PayPal account and you will no longer have access to the keyword tool.  It is the user’s responsibility to maintain an active and functioning PayPal account.  Upon cancellation by your own accord or PayPal’s initiation of cancellation, a user’s tool (including keyword dictionary) will be deleted forever.  This is a recurring monthly PayPal payment.

Some Etsy sellers simply use the tool every time they have a new listing to create good titles and tags.  Other Etsy sellers spend an hour or so once a month building up their keyword dictionary so they can quickly refer to it when they need to quickly list new products.  Some Etsy sellers revamp all of their titles and tags using the tool while others use it only going forward with new listings.  Some revive their old listings with optimal 4 word long keyword phrases all at once in marathon sessions, while others tweak once per week.  Many Etsy sellers use the tool to realize that what they thought were high demand search phrases are rarely searched, or discover that they need to branch out into new product lines that have better search demand and less competition on Etsy.  Use it how you want…remember – You’re the boss and this tool serves you.

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No.  There are some similarities, but this Keyword Tool for Etsy sellers is highly automated, simplified, and has more beneficial features.  The Keyword Tool for Etsy Sellers is a powerful yet flexible online tool.

Since Etsy released “Relevancy” Search results back in 2011, I’ve created various tools/techniques to maximize keyword selection.  Since then, it takes more effort to land at the top of Etsy searches – competition is higher and all seller’s sophistication levels have increased dramatically.  It is now necessary to have hard data and mathematical optimization to give a listing more advantage over other listings if you want to create consistent winners – not the occasional happenchance winner.


In early 2015, I made giant strides toward optimal keyword selection with the ability to calculate keyword opportunity ratios with monthly search demand and the quantity of search results on Etsy.  In late 2015, I developed the 4 word long keyword selection concepts.  I combined these two concepts to create this keyword tool along with the practical challenges I know Etsy sellers face.


I’ve had other keyword selection/SEO “gurus” contact me to recommend their apps, but I’ve always declined because I didn’t think it was “done right”.  I sought out “partners” to build this tool with, but no one wanted to take the risk of creating it with me.  I tried to hire developers to program it, but the quotes were pretty much ridiculous.  Finally, I hit a series of breakthrough with Google cloud services and never gave up seeing it to completion.  I’m extremely proud of this tool and think it will be valuable in the hands of serious Etsy sellers that want to thrive.


Numbers don’t lie and using keyword opportunities provide your business a raw supply & demand keyword advantage.  This is a real business tool for real business owners.  Apps help you succeed, save time, and help you fulfill your dreams.  A good tool is like pure gold.  I hope you enjoy mining your own keyword gold.  Regards, Jason Malinak CPA of Etsy-preneurship


You can view the video here:


Keyword Tool for Etsy Sellers Video Summary Schedule