We all know that we live in a socially connected online world.  People interact with your Etsy shop and products in a social manner both via Etsy and off of Etsy via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and a whole lot of others).


Your products need to be relevant by keywords (Titles, Tags, and Materials) and utilize (Supporting Keywords) throughout the rest of your shop and product listings.  Then, you need to make sure you are doing everything possible to run your Etsy shop with a mind to (Operational Etsy SEO Best Practices).  Now, in this article, we are going to see that this socially connected world greatly influences our Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and results.


The way people interact with your products and shop while they are on Etsy matters.  The way people interact with your products and shop while they are on social media platforms matter.  It appears not all social interactions have the same impact, though.  Some social interactions have a greater impact on Etsy SEO than others.


Ignoring social media or not identifying your specific and focused social strategy is as good as flushing impressions, views, and sales down the toilet.  Working wisely in this arena can be the difference between a shop that is failing to mildly succeeding, mildly succeeding to doing very well, or doing very well to being an all-star.


I’m going to break this article into 3 primary sections:


  • Etsy Shop Social Indicators – A focus on the social relationships for your entire Etsy shop.


  • Etsy Product Social Indicators – A detailed look on the social interactions for your individual product listings.


  • Etsy’s Social “Big 5” Concept – A fresh way to look at your social media presence online for your Etsy shop and some initial social tasks for your “to-do” list as you start building your infrastructure to stimulate growth in your customer base. (Note:  Your business can only do so much with limited infrastructure and there are benefits of economy of scale regarding your social media techniques).  Yes, our focus this month is on how to use social interactions to move your products higher in the search, but I also want to teach you some concepts that should help many other areas of your business, too.


In each of these sections I will cover four or five specific tips and how they directly impact your Etsy SEO techniques and results.  I will:  1) describe the topic; 2) show you the trend or tip on how to use this social indicator to help your product move up in the Etsy search results; and 3) provide you action step(s) to implement in your Etsy shop, product, and business.


Also, don’t get hung up with always connecting the word “social” with “social media”.  Social aspects are the way people interact or engage with you and your business online.  The online world is a social networked web of links and actions (clicks, views, likes, shares, pins, tweets, blogging, micro blogging, hearting, favoriting, connecting, and the list goes on…).  Social indicators are more influential than just social media and the lines are continually blurring.


The “big data” behind Etsy and Google track these pieces of social interactive data and they become pieces of meta-data surrounding your products and shop that eventually influence the order of the search results.  Sometimes these are visible, other times you can find them if you know where to look, and some will always be invisible and only in their database.  It’s time to take a closer look at these indicators and make sure our Etsy shops are doing every possible thing to help increase the chances of our products moving up higher in the Etsy search results.


Etsy Shop Social Indicators


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