The Etsy Search Algorithm is a formula or computer code that determines what Etsy products show up on what page and in what order when a customer types in a search phrase on Etsy.


I am not a computer programmer.  I do not know the Etsy programmers.  I am an accountant and I know how to gather data and spot statistical trends from the samples I gather from real Etsy search results.


Discovering the Truth About Etsy SEO


For the past 5 months, I have been gathering data, performing tests, and reviewing statistical evidence to “hack” or “back into” the Etsy Search Algorithm by using publically available information.


I’ve done this by looking at 51 variables relating to Etsy shops and product listings in my quest to find out what matters and what doesn’t help when it comes to giving an Etsy product every possible advantage to move up higher within the Etsy search results.


When a product appears higher in the search results, it receives more impressions, views, and sales.  In many ways, it’s a simple numbers game.  I used my analytical skills to mathematically discover a statistically significant portion of the Etsy Search Algorithm.


There are 5 Major Dimensions that Impact Etsy SEO


Let’s remember what we’ve covered so far… Some dimensions appear to be more statistically important than others.  While I suggest you perform all 35 Etsy SEO tips on your products and within your Etsy shop, please realize that they all do not provide the same level of impact.


Benefits do occur when all 35 tips are working together in coordination with each other.  It’s also helpful to realize that when you don’t have to worry about following 26 “Etsy SEO myths” – your work to optimize is at least a bit simpler.


Dimension 1:  Titles, Tags & Materials

Dimension 2:  Supporting Keywords

Dimension 3:  Operational Variables

Dimension 4:  Social Variables

Dimension 5:  Other Variables (This article you are reading now)


In this article, I will review what the 35 Etsy SEO tips are in order of statistical importance and remind you of the 26 Etsy SEO myths that you don’t have to worry about.  I’ll also show you this with a visualization.


Then, I’ll show you how important each dimension is in relationship to each of the other dimensions.  Also, I’ll show you a new way to categorize the 35 tips that is going to help you find the “quick tips” to follow and which ones will take “a little more effort and time to complete”.


Next, I’ll reveal some 5th dimension Etsy SEO variables to consider and look at each one in more detail.


I’ll pull all 5 dimensions together to start statistically formulating the Etsy Search Algorithm by using multiple-linear regression analysis (don’t worry – you don’t need to know what that means to benefit from the results it will provides to our algorithm model).


In the end, I’ll be able to show you what % of the search results can statistically be explained with a mathematical formula and how that formula is composed.  I’ve also identified the BIG 6 Etsy SEO Tips that will get you the “most Etsy SEO impact” for your efforts and it explains A LOT of the algorithm, too.


You can then download a printable/viewable Etsy SEO “cheat sheet”/summary that you can constantly refer back to while tweaking or creating new Etsy listings.  You will also be able to download all 5 Etsy SEO dimensions as an eBook for your future reference of the details behind each of the 35 Etsy Search Algorithm tips.


Finally, I’ll share some lessons I’ve learned as Etsy SEO has been “my focus” for the past 5 months.  We’ve got a lot to cover and much to gain in our Etsy shops!  Here we go!


The 35 Tips in Order of Importance


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