This is the 2nd article of an in-depth study of what we can really believe when it comes to Etsy’s search algorithm and how to give our Etsy product listings every advantage to move higher up in the search results.  In the first article, we explored the first dimension out of five Etsy SEO elements – the primary keyword dimension (title, tags, materials).


In this article, we explore the 2nd dimension of Etsy’s SEO elements – something I call the supporting keywords.  A supporting keyword is a place in your product listing or Etsy shop where a keyword can be located that is not the title, tag, or materials.  Examples of these locations include:  subtitles, your shop’s name, shop sections, product descriptions, shop policies, announcements, product categories, your personal profile page, your shop about page, and your favorite materials.


Many rumors have gone through the Etsy community regarding how to use keywords in these areas.  This month, I’ve busted a lot of myths that I now see are making many Etsy sellers waste time and identified some simple tips that statistically show us they will help a product move up in the search results if keywords are used in specific ways outside of the title, tags, and materials.


I’ll following the formula below for the 10 Supporting Keyword Locations that I will cover in this article:


  • Identify the supporting keyword location
  • Tell you any myths that you can ignore and show you why it is a myth
  • Tell you any truths (or tips) that can help you move up in the search results and show you why it is a truth
  • Provide you an action step to implement in your products or shop


Shop Subtitles


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