The Artisan Profile on Handmade at Amazon is a way to make your shop stand out from the masses of others.  In the past week, I’ve learned quite a few tricks and advantages that can be gained through optimizing this page…so I recorded a video walking you through all of these tips.




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Jason’s H@A Shop Setup To-Do List

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to setting up your shop, shipping, and a myriad of settings.  I’ve laid these out in a logical order so you can breeze through setup and make sure you are ready for the customer launch day.


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Ready for H@A Customers? Checklist


I know that nagging feeling when you start something new and you think you’ve done all the steps, but you still have that nagging feeling…”Did I forget something important?”  Well, this checklist will give you the peace of mind you need when the H@A customer launch day arrives.


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Got Lots of Questions?  Let me answer them!

In the past 7 days, I’ve spent about 50 hours doing just about EVERYTHING in the new Handmade at Amazon dashboard.  I am still rapidly learning and I can likely answer most of the questions you have or help direct you in the right direction.  I’ve got a place you ask ANY question.

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How do you receive my best tips and immediate access to myself?


All of this material is only for Ama-preneurship Thrive Members through the private Facebook group*.


*  If you have joined Ama-preneurship Thrive in the past couple of days and still need access to the Facebook group, please check your email address connected with your PayPal account for instructions on how to join and start applying these benefits to you and your shop.


And there are more tips to come…


I’m working on 2 other projects for AP Thrive Members right now – and hope to have those shared early next week! :)


Learn more about becoming an Ama-preneurship Thrive Member – your future self will thank you for it!


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IMPORTANT SPECIAL PRE-LAUNCH PAYPAL LINK – $24 per month.  After customer launch, I’ll raise the price back up to $28.



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