This is the 3rd in a series of articles where we’ve investigated the numbers and data behind Etsy’s search results to find statistically proven trends.  When a statistical trend is identified it becomes a tip that you can implement.  If the numbers show there is no trend or correlation, we know it is a irrelevant or a myth that won’t help your Etsy product move up in the search results.


As we keep adding more and more tips to our listings, we increase the statistical likelihood that our product will appear higher in the search results for our targeted keyword phrase.  In the first two lessons, we have focused on tweaking our listings surrounding the way we use targeted keyword phrases.


First, we tweaked our titles, tags, and materials.  Then, we made sure we were using our targeted keywords elsewhere in a supporting manner.  Now, we are going to look at how the way we operate our Etsy shop impacts Etsy’s search results.


Operations are often an overlooked dimension to Etsy Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but doing these behind-the-scenes operational tips “optimally” in the eyes of the Etsy search algorithm will help your product stand out from the masses in additional ways.


Operational areas we will cover include product pictures, inventory, payments, feedback, shop momentum, product renewals, and other operational topics.


For each operational topic, I will:


  • Describe the operational task or shop element.
  • Show you the trend (tip) or myth (lack of statistical correlation) and explain it in simple language.
  • Provide you an action step, so you can implement it in your shop or product listing.


With each additional dimension we explore, we keep discovering puzzle pieces that help us see ways we can make our products stand out in the eyes of Etsy’s algorithm and improve our chances of improving our search results.  Here we go!


Product Pictures

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