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A stop sign is part of a functional community.


Etsy-preneurship is a blog to provide tips, tools & know-how to help your Etsy shop thrive!  It’s also a community – you could call it a village.


I’m part of that village and you’re part of that village along with thousands of other Etsy sellers.  In a village everyone gives to the whole and receives back as well.  If I give away my best Etsy tips to everyone always for free, I will eventually stop providing tips, because I can’t pay for my house payment and groceries with just Facebook likes, blog readers, and email subscribers.  A person who gives away everything and never receives anything in return has a name – the village idiot.


You and I are both not that type of person.


Let me help your Etsy shop thrive

Jason Malinak CPA, Etsy-preneurship


Is your Etsy shop thriving?


Thriving Etsy businesses have been my core focus and tag-line since 2007.  Many years later – I’ve still got the same focus – Thrive!


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Etsy can be a significant source of revenue for your business. (Etsy shop owner’s name removed for anonymity).


There are thousands of Etsy sellers in the Etsy-preneurship village and for many the lights are on – but nobody’s home.  These Etsy sellers are not serious and are just playing the Etsy shop game.


Because I enjoy this community, I will continue to entertain the greater population of Etsy sellers and share helpful hints along the way, but I want a more desirable connection with the Etsy sellers that have their lights on, are wise & prepared, and busily at work!  Does this describe you?  Are you serious about success?


This more intimate community is called Thrive.


3 Ways to Help Your Etsy Shop Thrive


Benefits of THRIVE


Thrive is a monthly membership site that empowers you to grow your business with:


  • Exclusive Content – I provide you my best tips, tools, and know-how to help your Etsy shop thrive through a blog article or download (ebook, report, spreadsheet, etc).  I want Thrive members to receive the very best I have to offer every month – not the Etsy masses just looking for free tips.  I want to help the most serious Etsy sellers create a competitive advantage over other Etsy sellers.  Etsy sellers that support me and my family get my best tips – seems fair and reasonable to me – and advantageous for you, the serious Etsy seller.


  • Additional Contact – You will be able to join a private Facebook group titled Etsy-preneurship Thrive.  Here I will be able to interact with you in some additional ways.  I won’t be able to critique every shop or answer every question, but you will be my priority over others in the general Etsy-preneurship community when it comes to additional contact.  You will be able to network with other serious minded Etsy sellers and get away from the nonsensical “I’ll favorite your shop if you favorite mine” groups and instead discuss real promoting techniques, challenges, and business foundation building (without one-sided moderation like in the Etsy forums).


  • Other Privileged Opportunities – Throughout the year, I come across opportunities for Etsy sellers. It always happens every year and it’s always something different.  Maybe it’s an awesome promotional blog spot, a crowd-promoting event, a crazy good deal on something, a networking relationship, insider Etsy information, magazines seeking to promote Etsy sellers, or a recommendation to appear on Shark Tank!  Who knows?  But it is usually good!   Thrive members get first priority on these opportunities.


How do you make a wise investment for your business?


$15.42 a month.  About the price of a large pizza, an album on iTunes, or a bottle of wine.


I’ve worked with Etsy sellers long enough to know that you don’t have frivolous budgets to invest in your business.  Thrive is priced so low that no one can have a legitimate excuse to not turn their $15.42 a month into $40, $400, or $4000 additional profits each month.  Thrive is a resource with a ridiculous ROI (Return on Investment).


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If you can’t find $13.41 a month’s worth of value from THRIVE – call me a clown! I am no clown. I’ve helped thousands of Etsy seller’s shops thrive since 2007.


So what does Thrive look like?


The most valuable Facebook group for your Etsy shop.

The most valuable Facebook group for your Etsy shop.


  1.  Sign up.  Please include your Facebook account name that you will request to join the group with so you can more easily be added to the private group.
  2. Join the private Facebook Group.  After your signup, you will be sent directly to the private Etsy-preneurship Thrive Facebook group page.  Request to join.  You will be approved typically within 48 hours or sooner – thanks for your patience.
  3. Be professional and Thrive!  Watch your business improve each month as you reap the benefits of your Thrive membership.


Are you serious and ready to thrive?


Become a Thrive member now!


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