Etsy recently did a test with the categories and had some hiccups, so they took it offline.


As of a few hours ago, the new categories are live and active.


Here is the Etsy forum announcement:




Here is the full Etsy forum message.


help page


Here is the help page above.


While doing some additional research, I found these two pages that list the categories on Etsy that can be helpful seeing all the new categories and their related taxonomy:


Complete new categories listed out – very helpful!


Primary and Subcategories listed out.


Does this impact relevancy search results?


search impact


It looks like it does have an impact – although they state it is not a “strong” impact.


What do you need to do?


Check your listings to see how Etsy automatically categorized your products.  For example, my bookkeeping spreadsheet was categorized  in Paper and Party Supplies.  That is clearly wrong, but on quick glace, I wasn’t able to find a good place to categorize it, so I’ll have to do some research for all my listings and make sure everything looks nice.  You’ll also notice that the category that is showing right now at the bottom of the listing is “Everything Else” which was the original category I had placed it in.


Etsy has told us that these categories are not finalized, and there will be some adjustments in the near future and they want to hear from you in the forum post if you have suggestions of new categories that need to be added.  If you’ve got a wish – let them know it now!


I also saw that Etsy referenced that there will be even more Etsy search algorithm changes in the future regarding how the categories impact the search results.  These don’t appear to be kicking in full swing yet, because they need Etsy sellers to make sure all the categories are working, and using them in new listings without hiccups.


When they do start adjusting the algorithm, you can be sure that all Thrive Members will have the latest and most up-to-date tips to appear high in Etsy search.  If you need to optimize your listings, you can get started now here, so you don’t have to start from scratch when the smaller changes occur.


Take a look to see how Etsy is putting your products in the new categories.  Become familiar with the new categories.  Let’s give this some time to settle and for Etsy to make some additional announcements about it.  And take it from there.


Thank you for your trust as I continue to help your Etsy shop thrive!


Regards, Jason



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