In this video training you will:

Estimate Your Holiday Sales Revenue

– Learn to estimate and calculate how much $ your holiday sales season should bring in on Etsy based upon years of historical financial information from real Etsy sellers. (5:07)


Set a Growth Rate Goal for Oct, Nov, Dec

– Set a realistic growth rate for the months of October, November, and December (8:18)


Create a Strong Promo Foundation

– Create a strong promotional foundation with regards to specific timing, targeting, and diversification (9:25)


5 Suggested Free Promotional Techniques

– Discover 5 of my suggested free promotional methods and techniques (I can’t share them here, but they are: simple and quick, innovative and completely new for Etsy sellers, based upon a strategy used by an Etsy seller that generated the MOST sales on the BIGGEST sales day on Etsy, a crazy promo opportunity I recently spotted, and creative). (16:58)


6 Suggested Paid Promos

– Hear about 6 paid promotional opportunities that I suggest you consider for your holiday sales season (I can’t share them here, but they are: cutting edge for Etsy sellers, the 1st place you should put your ad money, a simple way to increase the reach of your most effective messages, old “standbys”, a gamble, and a more personal promotional technique). (40:56)


Rapid Fire Summary of Every “Holiday Sale Tip Articles” You Don’t Need to Read Anymore

– Review the best techniques from all the hundreds of free “Holiday Sales” articles out there in a lighting round session. (54:06)


Ho! Ho! Ho! – How to help Santa deliver more sales order down your Chimney

– Learn about “Santa Invitations” and why you need to have at least one of this type of promo for your business this holiday season. (59:35)


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Watch the video to boost your holiday sales!

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Your October, November, and December sales will thank you for it!


Watch “Jason’s Suggested Holiday Etsy Promos (Free & Paid)” now! 

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