Interview with Timothy Adam – Facebook Insights for Creative Business Owners

Tim Adam of Handmadeology is a pro when it comes to promoting on Facebook for Etsy sellers – his numbers alone speak to his success (over 28,000 fans on 4 unique fanpages).  I find his Facebook fanpages are consistently engaging  – receiving many likes, shares, and comments and always having new and interactive content.  I thought it would be beneficial for Etsy-preneurship readers to learn some tips straight from the Etsy Facebook expert, so enjoy the interview!

Etsy-preneurship:  How did you start promoting your Etsy shop on Facebook?

Tim Adam:  I started my first Facebook Fanpage in January 2009 and knew it was a good opportunity to start promoting my metal work that I sold on Etsy.  I remember starting out and not knowing anything and slowly learning and trying new things.  As I learned the basics, I would blog about it and share what I was doing with the Etsy community.  Eventually, I started sharing additional tips and ways to use Facebook to generate sales, views, and connecting with fans.  Facebook is my primary method of connecting with my customers, fans, and readers.

Etsy-preneurship:  You have recently done some in-depth surveys of Etsy sellers regarding how they use social media to promote their business.  What were some of the significant findings regarding Facebook?

Tim Adam:  The most significant thing I discovered is that Facebook is easily the most dominant method of promoting used by Etsy sellers – over 96% of all Etsy sellers use Facebook to promote their business.  Another interesting point was that the average Etsy sellers spends about 2 hours a day on Facebook. Lastly, I saw that the fruit of their efforts was getting mixed results – some Etsy sellers saw some sales, views, and new fans, while others only had mediocre results.   When you put those three findings together, you realize that most Etsy sellers are putting a lot of work and time into their Facebook Fanpages, but are not totally satisfied with the results.

Etsy-preneurship:  I saw in that survey you had a blank space for any questions Etsy sellers wanted to ask you about Facebook.  What are the common questions about Facebook you hear from Etsy sellers?

Tim Adam:  What type of content should I be sharing with my fans?  How do I get more fans?  How can I convert my fans into more sales?  What should I tell them?  What type of content should I share?  Am I boring my fans to death?  Most of the questions centered around what type of content to share, how to connect and share branding messages with existing fans, and how to get more fans.

Etsy-preneurship:  So what’s the answer to those questions?  What content should Etsy sellers be sharing?  How do you communicate branding messaging without being annoying?  How do you increase the number of fans?

Tim Adam:  Well, the thing is . . . it isn’t easy – it’s taken me over 3 years to get to where I am now.  I am continually trying new ways to engage my existing fans and add new fans.  The best way I’ve learned to gain new fans is through a concept called a fan gate.  A fan gate is a landing page on your Facebook account that people that are not currently fans see when they visit your Fanpage for the first time.  It is a gateway to entice people to become your fan.  The fan gate has easily added about 5,000+ new fans to my fanpage in the past year. Check out the custom tab HERE.

fb fan gate

This is the fan gate that Tim uses on Handmadeology to gain over 5,000+ new fans in the past year.

Etsy-preneurship:  So how can an Etsy seller create a fan gate for their Facebook Fanpage?

Tim Adam:  Well, my web developer friend created me a custom application to build this fan gate.  Right now, Etsy sellers really don’t have any good options to add depth to their Facebook Fanpage, but that is about to change!  In the next couple of weeks, I am going to launch a new site called Fanpageology.  Fanpageology is like when Etsy meets Facebook.  I’m mashing Facebook and Etsy API together to build a tool to make creating a fan gate a breeze for every Etsy seller.  I really think it is going to change the way all Etsy sellers market and promote on Facebook – it is a cutting edge social media marketing tool.

Etsy-preneurship:  Anything else you can share about Fanpageology features before it is launched?

Tim Adam:  Well right now, I’m keeping most of it under wraps for the launch date, but I can share that the ability to create a fan gate is just one of about 20 awesome features that are going to be available.  I’m so excited for the Etsy community to see the functionality!  Fanpageology adds so much depth to a fanpage for an Etsy seller – new ways to connect with fans, ways to gain fans, new types of contents for Etsy sellers to share.  I’m excited to use it for my own Fanpages as well!

Etsy-preneurship:  So anything else you’d like to share with my Etsy-preneurship readers?

Tim Adam:  To learn more about Fanpageology and be notified when it is launched, you can sign up here.