If you want to have a dominant and more consistent presence in other people’s feed front page on Etsy, your customers have to favorite your product or your shop – leading to more sales!


Etsy’s got a new “front page” or primary page that everyone sees when they sign on Etsy and the big takeaway for Etsy sellers is that treasuries are less important and product and shop “favorites” are more important.  (Here are two of my related blog posts about this “feed front page” where you can learn about why favorites are more important than ever:  Background & New Trends).


What’s an Artificial Heart?


For years, Etsy sellers have been playing games with favorites – hearting or liking other people’s products in exchange for playing a promo game.  I call these artificial favorites.


Artificial favorites are not a bad thing.  They may help you appear more popular in Etsy’s search algorithm.  When a potential customer sees that a product has a lot of favorites, they might “jump on the bandwagon” and think if others favorite it, they should too – and hopefully buy it right away.  These games are also a way for Etsy sellers to connect with each other and help each other.  Lots of hearts on an item now can help make an Etsy seller appear on the “trending items” list on the top right of the feed page.


Artificial favorites are just that . . . artificial.  In and of themselves, they rarely lead to direct sales.  This article is not about artificial favorites.


It’s all about organic favorites!


An organic favorite is someone that is surfing on Etsy looking to buy something.  They see your product and genuinely like it.  Of course, you just want them to buy it right away, but online shopping doesn’t always work like that.


There are lots of reasons a sale is delayed (timing, cash flow, busyness, researching, just browsing, etc).


Many of these customers delay and forget – never to return to your Etsy shop again.  Until these recent changes, if a favorite happened, they were often forgotten.


The new Etsy front page feed changes this . . . Etsy planned it that way!


highlight admin


So, it’s simple.  You want your customers to organically and naturally favorite your items and shop.  How can you encourage this in your Etsy shop?


Believe it or not . . . I’ve actually identified 11 different techniques.  This blog article just covers 1 of them.  Let’s call this favorite technique . . .


The Fifth Picture Sales Funnel Call to Action Technique


That’s (TFPSFCTAT) for people that like acronyms.


Now, any volunteer to Test TFPSFCTAT?


I asked for an Etsy-preneurship volunteer and Megan of Sheep Farm Felt answered.


Megan on the left


(Megan is on the left).  Here, she describes her business:


“As the owner of Sheep Farm Felt, I strive to connect people to the most sustainable, versatile, and eco-friendly fiber— wool!  I specialize in wool felt ball garlands, crib mobiles, needle felted creations, jewelry, Waldorf inspired toys, and accessories.  My absolute favorite part of running my shop is wrapping up each purchase with tissue paper and twine, including a hand-written thank you note, and tucking in a little needle felted sheep ornament, handmade from wool from our sheep farm.  I love that Etsy has given me the opportunity to send woolly love all over the world!”


The TFPSFCTAT Experiment


So here’s the product we are going to try and use to get more organic hearts for the product and the shop:


the shop


Notice the beautiful first image.  Colors are nice and muted.  The sheep plays into their shop name.  FYI – I really like her product and think these would look awesome on our family Christmas tree, too!


One concept I talk about a lot for Etsy sellers is an Etsy shop being a “sales funnel”.  This means that every element on your Etsy shop is pushing people and driving them towards making a purchase.  The longer they are in your shop, the farther down the sales funnel they should be.


So Let’s Break Down the Strategy . . . The Fifth Picture Sales Funnel Call to Action Technique! (TFPSFCTAT) . . .

The Fifth Picture


We will modify the fifth or last product picture.  If someone is looking at this last picture, they have a higher interest in buying the product than most.  It is a shop element that is farther along the “sales funnel” concept.


Sales Funnel


1000s of people see your Etsy listing’s first picture in the search.  Maybe 100 click it.  Maybe 10 will actually see the 5th product photo.  If someone is looking at that photo – they are your more serious customers.  How can you take that serious customer and guide them to do something you want them to do since they’ve come so far down the sales funnel already?  (Hint:  You want them to buy it or at the bare minimum favorite your product or shop).


Call to Action Technique


A call to action simply encourages your customers to buy your item or favorite your shop or product.  It reminds them that there is a person behind this business.  It is not pushy and easy for them to ignore if they desire.


If you had a physical retail boutique and someone was standing in front of one of your products and had been looking at it a few minutes, picking it up, looking at it from all angles, and generally showing interest in the product, what would you do?


It’s my hope that you would approach them gently and say, “How may I help you?”


When someone in a boutique or craft show says, “How may I help you?” the customer is:


  • Reminded there is a real person behind this product
  • Encouraged to ask a question or say, “I think I like this.”
  • Moved to walk toward the cash register and complete the purchase.


So How Can We Make a “Call to Action” in our Etsy shop?


Personal Call in her shop


I provided Megan the above image for her to replace her current fifth Etsy product picture.  It is the same image as she uses for the first product picture with text I added.  I think it is wise to reuse the first image because it is what initially attracted this customer to your shop in the first place!  Use what has already worked and add some icing to the cake!


I added two arrows to encourage favorites for the shop and the product.


I added a message.  “Thanks for your interest!” – This is in a personal voice and helps the viewer connect with your Etsy shop.


“Please add to your cart or add to your favorites.”  – This is polite.  If they are “close” to buying, it might be the added encouragement they need to complete the purchase.  If they like it, but are not ready to buy, it encourages them to do the next best thing . . . favorite your shop or item.


This favorite will help you stay in their feed front page so you aren’t forgotten in the future.


I also added the “by Sheep Farm Felt” at the bottom.  It is a reminder that there is a real person saying this message and a real handmade business.


As more and more “bigger manufacturer type” Etsy sellers are out there, it is more and more important that you connect with your customers in a personal way.  You might even consider using your name there, too.


So, does it work?


When we modified this fifth product image, it had 56 product favorites.  In five days later, it had 87.  An increase of 31 more product favorites or an increase of 55%!


I asked Megan how she thought it was working and she responded,


“I do think it has gotten more favorites since the photo was added, and it is also bumped up on the list of products when you search for “felt ball garland.” So yes, I think it has helped!!!! Thank you!”


So, it looks like it might be a good technique for you to employ in your Etsy shop to increase your favorites and get a bump up in the Etsy search results.  Feel free to experiment . . . there are lots of variations of the fifth product image you could try (just arrows, got favorites?, collage of images with arrows you use on every post, unique calls to actions for different products).  You might want to try out this technique and see if your results improve.  You’ll never know if you don’t try!


And now, my call to action!


I’ve modified the fifth product picture of one of my most popular tools to help Etsy sellers with their business.  You can see my specific favoriting technique in my Etsy shop, here! (look at the fifth image)


Or like Etsy-preneurship on Facebook, so you can keep getting these helpful tips for your Etsy shop!



Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship


P.S. – Did you modify one of your fifth product images?  Post the link in the comments below so we can all check them out!


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