A 5 star rating can feel almost as good as a sale. :) It’s like a virtual fist bump – helping to build credibility and trust with future customers.


I went from a 12% (approximately 1 in 10 customers) feedback rating to 27% (about 1 in 4) and here’s how…


An Epiphany in the Bathroom


My husband surprised me with an evening away from our three young children (insert Hallelujah Chorus), and he booked us a room in a 3 star hotel. It wasnt anything too fancy or expensive, but it was nice enough to seem like a treat.


In addition to the added bonus of there being no Cheerios or Legos to step on, I felt like I was staying at a 5 star resort as soon as I went into the bathroom.  


The glass cups were lined up nicely with paper caps on the tops (as they should be),

the sink, bath, wastebasket, and toilet were all clean (as they should be),

the towels and washcloths were neatly stacked (as they should be).

So what was the big deal?


The end of the toilet paper was folded!


This may not seem like a grand gesture to you, but to me, it was that last 10 seconds of cleaning that the housekeeper took that said to me,


Folded Toilet Paper, Go Above and Beyond, Customer Service


“I’m doing this for you. I’m going above and beyond to make sure your experience in the bathroom is a pleasant one.”


Who knew toilet paper could say so much, right?


That one trip to the restroom gave me three AHA! moments for my Etsy business…


  •  If you want a 5 star review, you have to give your customers a 5 star experience


I believe a review has less to do with the product itself, and more about the experience you give your customer from the click of their mouse to the time your product is in their hands.