Learn how to modify your Etsy product images in order to implement the call to action sales strategy I showed in the how to win favorites & make more Etsy sales article by modifying the 5th product image by encouraging customers to favorite or purchase the product.  The concept caught on like wildfire, but many of you had questions about how you could modify the image.  This month, guest poster, Sandy DeMaioNewton of SHE-Design (Etsy shop, website, Facebook) shows us a simple way to modify an image to implement this call-to-action method with Picfont.com:


Being a graphic designer has definitely made editing photos and creating images for my Etsy shop, SHEDesignInspires, easy. I have the software and the know-how to add text and any other type of symbol to my photos, but, what about the Etsy Seller who doesn’t have access to design software or the skills to update their own photos. If that’s you, I’m here to help. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial to solve your problem:


Go to Picfont.com





Once you’ve uploaded your image, the screen will look like this:




On the left hand side of the screen is a box. Here are the next steps to follow:




Add all of the text you want on the picture. Use the same type for all of the text, but if you need to change the color that’s o.k.  NOTE: Before moving on to the next step, ALL of your text needs to be added, you can’t go back.


Next, Click on the Draw icon.




A new window will open. Click on the line option on the left, choose a color and adjust the width.




When you’re done, click on the save button.

A new window will open –




The only way to save this now is to take a screen shot – on a Mac, hold down shift+ command + 4 and take a screen shot of only your image, do not include the background of the window.

(Note from Jason of Etsy-preneurship:  On a pc you can use the Snipping Tool, or fn + Prt Scr to grab the entire screen – paste into Paint.net and select the portion you want to keep).




You’ve just successfully updated your photo and can now add it to your Etsy Shop. If this is too time consuming for you, I would be happy to help you with this, or any of your photo editing needs. Here’s a link to purchase this item from my Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/listing/212551255/photo-editing-for-etsy-shop?ref=shop_home_active_2 or you can contact me at sandy@she-design.com One benefit of using an expert, is that I can line up the text and arrows to perfectly point to the correct place on the Etsy website.




I can pick the perfect typeface to match your site and have access to a full array of colors. I wish for your Etsy shop to have it’s most successful year ever!


Final Note from Jason

I have also heard of Etsy sellers using paint.net, picasa, photoshop, paint, picmonkey, fotor, and pixlr to accomplish these types of photo embellishments.  I have no affiliation with Sandy DeMaioNewton of SHE-Design – she just took initiative and contacted me to guest write this article.  If you have an idea about a guest blog post that helps the Etsy community and might highlight you/your own business in a favorable light – please send me a message on Facebook to discuss the idea.  Got Facebook tips? Etsy tips? Lessons learned?  How-to’s are great!  Personal business stories? Etc?  Let me hear from you.  Regards, Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship.


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