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How can you gain an advantage over the thousands of other H@A storefronts setting up shop?


Ama-preneurship Thrive is an exclusive group of H@A sellers that receive my best tips & opportunities.


Members will join a private Facebook group and receive valuable training videos, quick reference guides, checklists, tools, eBook briefs, and Q&A’s around this new and upcoming sales platform.  Only Ama-preneurship Thrive Members will have access to my best tips.


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My goal:  Give you the Sales Momentum Advantage as a H@A forerunner!


H@A is brand-new!!!  You might wonder how I’m going to be able to help you so soon after …As you read this I am still deep in research and am busy putting together tips for you on the following topics.  I will release these tips to Ama-preneurship Thrive Members ASAP:


Initial projects


I’ve lived and breathed helping Etsy sellers for the past 8 years and I am “chomping-at-the-bit” to start unpacking the “secrets of success” behind this promising new handmade marketplace.


Your H@A storefront will thrive!


1) Join. Become an Ama-preneurship Thrive Member.



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3) Opportunity. Seize the opportunity, gain sales momentum, and establish your presence on the most promising handmade marketplace since Etsy. Your future self will thank you for it! :)


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Ama-preneurship Thrive FAQ


Q:  What’s the difference between Ama-preneurship Thrive and Etsy-preneurship Thrive?

A:  Etsy-preneurship Thrive focuses on Etsy tips.  Ama-preneurship Thrive focuses on Handmade at Amazon tips.


Q:  Why should I pay you for tips when I can just ask other H@A Members questions in other groups and read other free H@A articles?

A:  Free H@A articles and group Q&A are great – definitely use them!  While you’re busy working in your business, I’ll be doing the research behind the marketplace to give you advantages over other H@A storefronts.  There’s not enough time in the day for you to run your existing business, start selling in a new marketplace, and spend all the time gathering the necessary data to look for ways to give your shop an edge.  You’re in essence hiring me to work for your business by researching, analyzing, and discovering ways to help your H@A storefront gain initial sales momentum.  I will become part of your “behind the scenes” team helping you succeed on H@A.


Q:  What can I expect if I become an Ama-preneurship Thrive Member?

 A:  Once you signup via PayPal, you will receive an email at your PayPal email address within 24 hours with details about joining the Ama-preneurship Thrive Facebook group.  You will then be able to access my materials through your Facebook news feed or visiting the Facebook group page.  I will set up a discussion posts for Members to communicate among themselves as well as a place to directly ask me followup questions relating to my H@A tips.  You can cancel your Membership at any time.  As new month’s tips are available, I will be removing former month’s tips to make sure that only current members receive the benefits from the tips I provide.  I value your membership too greatly to share this information with the masses or Members that only joined recently.  You’re Membership purchases a H@A advantage and I plan to help you keep the value of your investment.


Q:  Anything else I should know about Ama-preneurship Thrive?


A:  Helping handmade artists is my passion.  I try to bring my best every day and take great pleasure in seeing your business grow.  I know your time is at a premium and my goal is to make the tips as quick and easy for you to implement.  We don’t know exactly how this H@A journey will turn out, but let’s give it our very best together from Day 1! Gain momentum and no turning back!


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