So, you find yourself wanting to build your business and brand through Instagram, but have a million questions…okay, maybe not a million, but a lot, am I right? First, let’s go over a few common question.


What does a # mean?


This funny little symbol you keep seeing, #, is called a hashtag. It has become an incredibly popular tool on social media sites like Instagram by allowing users to easily find photos of similar topics.


How do I use a #?


You want to use a hashtag when describing your photo or when you’d like to call attention to a certain aspect of a photo. You can also use a hashtag when you want to connect with customers. Instagram users enjoy following and connecting with people of similar interests.


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What Do I Post About on Instagram?


You want to post content that’s engaging, that other followers are likely to find though hashtags, and want to respond to with either a like or comment, similar to Facebook. You also want to post pictures that your followers and potential customers are going to enjoy and want to see more of.


As it’s often said, a picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram is no exception. Additionally, if it is a photo that links to your business, you want that photo to speak a thousand GOOD words, not negative.


If you have a picture that’s blurry, dark, or difficult to see in any other way, it’s not going to get a positive response. By using clear photos, you are increasing the likelihood that a follower will find the photo, like the photo, and become a customer.


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What Do People Want to See?


Here are 50 of the trendiest hashtags to help you build your Instagram profile. You can use this as a cheat sheet, guide, tool, or spark to get your creative juices flowing.


1 Billion Posts





Over 1 billion posts have been hashtagged #love, so why not add your own little bit of #love to the mix? Love is something most people can relate to. You can love a product, a business, a person, and just about anything you can imagine. Just be careful when using this hashtag, as there is the potential to get lost in all that is loved.


300-500 Million Hashtags













These hashtags provide an excellent way to connect with customers, it’s no wonder they’re so popular! Everyone can enjoy seeing something #cute, #beautiful, and #happy while using Instagram and flipping through the #photooftheday.


Also, just like you want to connect with your customers, customers want to connect with you, so it is a great idea to share something about yourself with a #selfie or photo of #me from time to time. You could even start a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) trend where you feature older designs or stories related to your business every Thursday.


A little key to Instagram success is consistency, and #TBT would be an easy way to implement consistency. You would just need to post one picture every week, but you’re encouraged to post more.


Do you want to connect a little more with customers? Let them know! Don’t be scared to tag a photo with #follow or #followme. Also, why not see who else is looking for new fans? Might find a new product that’s #instagood.


200-300 Million Hashtags


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.55.36 PM













Who doesn’t want to see photos of #summer, #fun, #friends, and #fashion? A grouch, maybe, but that’s not really who you want to connect with!


You want to connect with those who enjoy a post about your #smile! Enjoy your #summer break before it’s gone, meet up with some #friends and capture a picture to share with your followers while having #fun. Then, when winter is here, feel free to #TBT to the wonderful day spent at the pool!


Looking for more consistency with your Instagram posts? Consider using #instadaily or #picoftheday as a way to post at least one photo a day. You never know, you might receive an #instalike.


Don’t be scared to visit a new page and offer a #like. If you happen to be feeling extra brave, you could even ask for a #like4like!


100-200 Million Hashtags




















When it comes to posting on Instagram, people also enjoy photos that represent the good things in life whether it’s #food, #family, or #nature. Being an Etsy seller, you know that the world is full of #pretty and #amazing things so make sure to hashtag your photos with these tags, when relevant, so that others can enjoy them too. Don’t forget that sometimes a photo is just as beautiful as the original with #nofilter.


A great way to become more engaged is to use #follow4follow or #followforfollow, also abbreviated as #F4F. You can also use #Tflers when you are networking and encourage followers to tag themselves so you can follow them in return. If you keep this up, you just might become part of the serious #igers (that’s short for Instagram-ers).


Also, feel free to share photos of your #style and #hair, but don’t forget to #lol if you’re having a bad hair day because there are still lots of things to laugh about under the #sun! But, if you are having a bad hair day, maybe share a photo hashtagged with #my #hair so the rest of us can #lol with you for a great #instamood.


Under 100 Million Hashtags (But that’s still quite a collection!)

















I have two words… “IPhone Wins.” It has been proven, thanks to Instagram, that iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones out there… take that, Android #iphoneonly. Plus, only iPhone lets you #tweegram! That’s where you are able to create a photo with text inside.


Don’t have an iPhone, Android, or other mobile device for social media? Feel free to use your computer for posting photos and use #webstagram to add some flare to your photos.


But seriously, if you are looking for more ideas of what to post, try sharing something you find #cool, #instacool or #funny when you are #bored. Think of #music, the #beach, #girls, or all three.


When it comes to your photos that are stunning, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful, consider using #all_shots so that you can have a chance to be featured on their page!


Just make sure that all your photos have great quality so that they can be considered #instacool and people will #instafollow


Build Instagram for Etsy Sellers


While writing this, I was surprised to learn that fewer than 400,000 posts contained #etsyseller and under a million mentioned their product was from an #etsyshop. This is less than a tenth of the most popular hashtags that made it into this popular hashtag list.


However, Etsy shop owners tend to enjoy supporting each other and the Etsy community. So next time you post a product from your store, or share a photo of something you purchased from Etsy, add a hashtag for the #etsyshop and #etsyseller to help build an Etsy community and presence on Instagram.


Remember, Instagram users enjoy following and connecting with people of similar interests so here is a little cheat sheet for you.




Final Thoughts from Jason:


The science behind hashtags is complex. Here are 3 concepts to also consider:


  • Turn key words in your #sentences into a hashtag like I just did with the word sentence here.


  • Use a mixture of hashtags that have a lot of use (fast) and fewer uses (slow). I consider all of the hashags in this article as fast hashtags – meaning that when someone searches this tag yours will be at the top of the list for only a short time and a whole lot of people use them. Slow hashtag clicks will show your product for a longer period of time near the top of the results and have fewer individual using and clicking on the hashtags.


  • It seems like there is more and more random follows happening on Instagram these days and my instinct says they are happening with people finding your account via hashtag. Make sure the hashtags you are using are largely relevant to the audience you want to connect with. If you only use generic fast global hashtags, you might be building an audience that has very little interest in your products.


Regards, Jason — Are you following the Etsy-preneurship Instagram account?


Dusti Prioux- Owner of Props4Play. Crochet, Sewing, and Embroidery for all ages. 

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