I’ve spent the past 12 hours living and breathing Handmade at Amazon – looking at every page, reading every word – twice!  Now that the first wave of sellers have been welcomed to set up their shop, I’ve been learning everything I can about the new marketplace – so I can help your Handmade at Amazon shop thrive!




1) Like the Ama-preneurship Facebook page so you stay up-to-date on what’s happening with Handmade at Amazon.




2)  Request to join the Ama-preneurship Thrive private Facebook group.


This will soon be a paid-members-only group, but it’s free for everybody the next few days!  Once your in this group, you will be able to view:

  • 43 page Handmade at Amazon Style Guide
  • 3 Artisan Profile Setup screenshots
  • 11 Artisan Profile and Product screenshots examples
  • 11 screenshots of how to add a product
  • 23 help screens with a ton of details
  • and 4 other helpful screenshots (including what might be a helpful product uploader that could be helpful when setting up shop – tbd).

I had so much information to share, it was easiest to distribute it as a Facebook group – also facilitating some discussions around the materials.




Here’s is a screenshot of the H@A Style Guide:



style guide pic



Here’s a screenshot of the H@A Seller Central Dashboard





Seller Central Dashboard Homepage



Make sure to like the general Ama-preneurship Facebook page for news and updates.  Request to join the private Ama-preneurship Thrive Facebook group so you can get a head start on seizing the opportunities of this new marketplace.


Note:  I am not affiliated with Handmade at Amazon, I’m just good ole Jason Malinak (the guy who has helped your Etsy shop thrive) now trying to help your H@A shop thrive! :)   Regards, Jason 

Thrive bottom ad jpg