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If you behave like an average Etsy seller, you’re likely to end up just like one, too . . . out of business.

Etsy Shop Against The Odds


Don't become an Etsy statistic


Becoming a statistic:


free recycled tips


You don’t want to be average.


Put yourself in a position to not follow the herd but rise above mediocrity.


How will you act? 


small big

You want to win BIG – more than “the Etsy masses”.


Acting big impacts your goals, business decisions, time management, and finances.


Acting “Big” has nothing to do with handmade vs. using a manufacturer, etc – it’s in your business attitude.


You must invest in yourself – providing yourself the knowledge, tips, and tools you need to reach your goals. You’re busy – you must work smarter than others.


For BIG Etsy revenue – use better tips.


I only give my best and most valuable tips to Etsy-preneurship Thrive Members, because they support my business and family.




The exclusivity of my tips ensures lasting value to both Thrive Members and my business – a win/win environment.


“Free tips for everyone” does not work and creates an environment of mediocrity and averages.  Discovering real new tips takes a lot of time that you don’t likely have for the necessary in-depth studies, experiments, analytics and research that I do each month on behalf of Thrive Members.


etsy-preneurship for all


Thrive members demand exclusive business tips and I deliver. 


This helps Etsy-preneurship Thrive Members do the small things each month that create excellence, build momentum, and help you to rise above “the Etsy masses”.


Don’t just be average – Thrive with Jason Malinak


I’m a CPA and a business professional – I use analytic to help business owner “guide themselves” into smart business actions.  In business, this is the norm and just plain common sense.


hate the numbers


I’m also an innovator – I constantly stretch the envelope for new ways to gain business advantages.  This is another key way to set yourself up for ecommerce success.


new techniques



Etsy-preneurship Thrive is for serious Etsy sellers running and building legit businesses.  There’s no time for playing games – we do real business improvements.


What do Thrive Members receive each month?


3 benefits


  • Benefit from Exclusive Content: Read a 1 page summary of the best Etsy tips/techniques/tools for the month (because your time is valuable) and view an optional 30 minute training video to gain even more help.


example in facebook group


  • Enjoy Additional Contact: Within the Facebook group, I also answer questions, provide advice, share insight on current Etsy events, perform occasional shop reviews, and present business opportunities that I discover on your behalf.


  • Community Support: Join other like-minded Etsy sellers that are ambitious, willing to work hard, and are professionally minded.  Both newbies and veterans are here gaining advantages – but don’t come here to whine, complain, or expect success to be handed to you on a platter.  (I work hard to create and actively manage a positive culture within our community).


How do you make a wise investment for your business?


$15.42  per month.  The price of a large pizza, an album on iTunes, or a bottle of wine.


I’ve worked with Etsy sellers long enough to know that you don’t have frivolous budgets to invest in your business.


Thrive is priced so low that no one can have a legitimate excuse to not turn their $15.42  a month into $40, $400, or $4000 additional profits each month.  Thrive is a resource with a ridiculous ROI (Return on Investment).


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If you can’t find $15.42 a month’s worth of value from Thrive – call me a clown! I am no clown. I’ve helped thousands of Etsy seller’s shops thrive since 2007.

So what does Etsy-preneurship Thrive look like?


The most valuable Facebook group for your Etsy shop.

The most valuable Facebook group for your Etsy shop.


1. Sign up.  Please include your Facebook account name that you will request to join the group with so you can more easily be added to the private group.


2.  Join the private Facebook Group.  After your signup, you will be sent directly to the private Etsy-preneurship Thrive Facebook group page.  Request to join.  You will be approved typically within 48 hours or sooner – thanks for your patience. :)


3.  Be professional and Thrive!  Watch your business improve each month as you reap the benefits of your Thrive membership.


Are you serious and ready to thrive?

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