On May 20th, Amazon apparently sent out an email to select Etsy sellers:


“Introducing Handmade,
a new shopping experience at Amazon
We’re offering artisans like you a first peek at Handmade, a new marketplace for handcrafted goods.

While we set up shop, you’re invited to sign up for exclusive announcements as we…”


As mentioned in the Etsy forums here and here.


Through the years, alternative selling venues have come, gone and lingered . . . this seems to me like it might be different though . . . a big ecommerce name with lots of resources = solid competition.


Handmade Marketplace for Artisans


A number of Etsy sellers already sell some of their products on Amazon, but what appears unique in this case is that Amazon is using a few words key words to describe this project:


  • Handmade what will Amazon’s definition of handmade be and how will they enforce it?


  • Marketplace a unique place for handmade to be sold as compared to being lumped with everything else on Amazon?


  • Artisans They didn’t use the word “small-scale manufacturer” or “reseller”. . . but for artisans (higher quality standards)?


Amazon is known for their higher fee structure, fast shipping, and high seller standards for response time and shipping.  They focus on the buyer experience at high levels.  Amazon is a much bigger marketplace in total transaction size, traffic, and name recognition.


In this email, Amazon sent out an interest form. (I’ll share the link so you can access it at the end of this article).


Handmade at Amazon Artisan Interest Form 1


It looks like Amazon is just getting started and are currently “setting up shop”. . . I wonder if Amazon is trying to place themselves in the market before the upcoming holiday sales rush?


Handmade at Amazon Artisan Interst Form 2


You can also see that Amazon is trying to learn more about the product categories that would apply in the new marketplace.


Handmade at Amazon Artisan Interst Form 3


Amazon specifically asks about sub categories in the Home & Kitchen category and Jewelry category as these are markets that cover a lot of products that are for sale on Etsy.


Finally, notice the last line . . . “Know any fellow Artisans who may also be interested in Handmade?  Forward the email we sent or list their email below!”


They know there is going to be big interest in this . . . that’s why I’m sharing it with you now!


Don’t kick Etsy to the side of the curb just quite yet


Every marketplace will have its pros and cons.  Diversifying the source of your sales revenue is a smart business decision.  My gut says that Amazon would have stricter rules for operations and acceptance into the marketplace.  It might be a place for more serious sellers to operate their businesses that can accept the potential higher demands that Amazon has historically placed on their sellers.


What about Etsy’s charm? Or some of the “charm” that has been worn out?  Do the words Amazon and Handmade work together?  Could Amazon buy-out Etsy?


My book, Etsy-preneurship (Wiley Publishing) has sold on Amazon and I enjoy the stats they provide to me as an author.  I was also impressed with their self-publishing tool (Finding Your Inner Etsy-preneur).


amazon Malinak Etsy-preneurship book



I tried to sell my digital downloadable Etsy Bookkeeping System on Amazon, but I became frustrated at their lack of an easy way to deliver the electronic spreadsheet file to the customer.


Etsy-preneurship bookkeeping system



I decided to just keep selling it in my JJMFinance Etsy shop.


Final Thoughts from Jason:


Overall, Amazon does things with excellence and I believe competition makes everyone better.  I want multiple marketplaces that can help your business thrive.  I want multiple handmade marketplaces competing against each other so we, the small entrepreneurs, win with more sales.


I will continue to help your Etsy shop thrive through Etsy-preneurship.com (follow me on Facebook) . . . I’ll keep you updated  of what’s happening at Handmade at  Amazon…and you never know, one day, I might be helping your Amazon Handmade shop thrive, too!


Click this link (Handmade at Amazon Artisan Interest Form) to fill out the form Amazon provided so you can receive their exclusive updates.


Regards, Jason Malinak CPA of Etsy-preneurship.com – Helping your Etsy shop thrive since 2007! 

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