Your Business’ Facebook About Page is where your customers can put a face to the name. This is where they learn everything they need to know about you and your business. What would you like for your potential customers to know the moment they meet you? Your Business’ Facebook About Page is your chance to make the perfect first impression.


How to Edit The Facebook About Page


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You need to make sure you’re logged in under your business profile. From there, you’ll see different tags to the right of your profile picture and can select “About.” Here you’ll see the different fields you can edit.


Fields to Edit


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There’s another “About” section to the left and if you click this, you should see the following: Name, Facebook Web Address, Category, Start Info, Address, Hours, Short Description, Impressum, Long Description, Founded, Price Range, Products, Email, Website, Official Page, and Facebook Page ID.


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You’ll notice some of these fields are already filled in for you, but the rest need your input and you don’t want to leave anything blank! You are being provided free tools to grow your business so you want to make sure you are utilizing them to the best of their ability.


The 3 Most Important Fields of a Facebook About Page


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Short Description


Short Description allows about 25 words or 150 characters so you want to make them count! First priority should be to welcome guest to your page! They didn’t have to visit your page, but they did, so you should want them to feel welcomed to stay and shop!


Then, you can introduce your Etsy shop link. This is extremely important. Sometimes notifications go unnoticed and we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to assist a customer. By providing as much information as you can, even if it is just your email, phone number, P.O. Box, or website, you’re minimizing the chance of missing a potential customer and losing money.


You may prefer communications via Email, but your customer may prefer phone calls so you want to accommodate everyone as best as possible. Good, quality customer service is a key to success.




Impressum is your opportunity to protect yourself and your business, legally. It would be a good idea to use your Etsy shop policies here. If you haven’t set up shop policies yet, stop now and set up shop policies!


Shop policies are a necessary component of any business. People will want to know what to expect during checkout, processing, and delivery. They’ll want to know what needs to happen if your product doesn’t meet their expectations.


Additionally, you should have a plan regarding how to handle different situations if one should arise. Overall, Impressum is critical to a professional business as it is the guide to how business will be conducted.


Long Description


This is a long description regarding everything to do with your business. And I do mean everything so don’t be shy! Here is where you get the chance to sell yourself and product! You should love your product enough to want others to know about it so let them know why your shop is the best and why they should purchase from you!


Long Description Outline


  • Welcome guest to your page
  • Introduce your shop
  • Introduce your product
  • Target your specific fan base
  • Inform why your product is a necessity
  • Share your accomplishments, awards, and experiences


When you follow this outline, you are letting customers know,


“You are important. I’m happy you are here and I hope you love what we have to offer. I hope you find the perfect item you need and I’m willing to help anyway I can, so here is my contact information. P.S. This is how we got to where we are today.”


When you make your customers the priority, and not moneymaking, you will build relationships with customers that will build your business on a successful foundation.


 Dusti Prioux is an Etsy-preneurship contributor that runs the Etsy shop, Props4Play – featuring crochet newborn photography props and much more!


Note from Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship:


Everyone – please welcome Dusti, a new Etsy-preneurship contributor to the blog!  I’m excited that her knowledge, writing, and teaching skills will help your Etsy shop thrive!  Use every single element you can on Facebook to help tell your story.  If someone clicks on your About page – they actually care about you and your business and they deserve to see your best!  Look at other popular Facebook page About pages for inspiration.  Also, you can see the About Page techniques I used on the Etsy-preneurship Facebook page here.


P.S. – Share your Facebook About Page in the comments below, along with a brief comment highlighting a technique you intentionally applied to better tell the story of your business so we can all learn from each other. 

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