Since approximately September or October, Etsy Search Clumping has occurred when a user searched for an item within Etsy and instead of seeing a variety of stores and items, the same, approximately five, stores would greet them, for many pages at times.


Clumping 1

Some notes from the Etsy forums.



How to Make Etsy Search Clumping Stop


Many people have contacted Etsy support staff and Admin to report the issue. Now while a couple months seems like a while for a business to be down… Etsy support staff stayed current and tried to help as much possible. They made themselves available to talk and help as best as they could and provided a couple contact emails as well.


Etsy Admins are like us and understand that with the holidays, everyone would like their store to be up to full capacity and as time passes we are seeing signs of fairer searches.


Clumping 2


Signs of Better Times?


The same searches that used to appear “clumped,” now appear to show a variety of shops and items.


Clumping 3



But, is it Too Good To Be True?


Unfortunately, some have their doubts as to how this all occurred in the first place. Some have even come up with their own plan to overcome the new searching system and make the best out of it.


However, things seem a little different everywhere you turn. Between adopting a new seller’s app, recreating the Etsy buyer’s app, and reformulating search engines, business owners are still a bit lost.


clumping 4


What’s an Etsy Shop Owner to Do?


Sometimes it’s just best to roll with the punches. As much as the situation stinks, Etsy has been around for a while and they’re only trying to make things better!


We’re in retail and sometimes sales are up and sometimes they’re down.



Dusti Prioux is an Etsy-preneurship contributor that runs the Etsy shop, Props4Play – featuring crochet newborn photography props and much more!



Note from Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been in contact with Etsy sellers that have revenues from $400 a month to $6,000 per month and I’ve been analyzing their shop stats looking at the changes that have been happening with search results.  I’ve seen some drops in search traffic around 25% all the way up to some sellers showing a 60% drop!


There has been a few updates and comments from Etsy about this situation since the original article was written.  Here are some screen shots from the Etsy forums over November 18-19 below.


Clumping 6


Clumping 7


Clumping 8



So that’s the latest news on the “clumping news” for now.


My advice for now – sit tight and focus on your planned promotion strategies for the holiday rush.  Work on what you can control and influence.  More to come in the future for sure!


Regards, Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship.


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