Dear 2016 Etsy Seller,


The past 365 days have been the first full year where I was #BeTheBoss every single day.  I’m loving it! J


I enjoyed working with creative business owners from small startup to sales approaching half a million.


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Self-responsibility is a satisfying feeling and I have 3 challenges to encourage you, the entrepreneur, in 2016:


Fight for simplicity like your life depends on it.


Your distracted lifestyle is hurting your business and you must fight aggressively or complexity will constantly increase in your life.


Quit doing things that are only marginally helpful.  Drop mediocre product lines.  Look at your stale inventory and call a “loser” what it is and innovate and move on to something else that might be your “winner”.


Have you ever considered that your business is facing so many challenges because there is a supply/demand mismatch?  (Ouch…just throwing it out there – I’m not one to shy away from saying difficult things).


Say no to people and opportunities that aren’t within your primary aim. Make sure your schedule has margin within it because extra space is needed to help the most important things happen first.


Complexity constantly creeps into your life and schedule and you must diligently clear the clutter for your best 2016.


Know your primary aim.


What do you want your life to look like in the day-to-day?  What do you value the most (and does your schedule communicate that)?


What kind of life do you want?  How do you want your life to be with other people (family, friends, customer, employees, community)?


Your business serves you.  Your business has to know what your primary aim is or your business might try to become your primary aim.


2016 is the year for you to work on your life – not just work in your life.


Move to the next season already!


Your business is in 1 of 3 stages:  infancy (you do everything), adolescence (you hire some help), or maturity (you move out of your comfort zone and create processes that allow you to focus more on wearing your entrepreneurial hat instead of just being the technician or manager).


Many of you are happy never moving to other seasons…that’s great and I will continue to help support you and your business with my best tips, tools, and know-how.  Others need to make the jump already because I see it hurting you and your business.


2016 is the year many of you will need to set complete strategies to jump from infancy to adolescence or adolescence to maturity.  Do so without fear!  Be courageous and take more risks.


Don’t find yourself on your deathbed feeling sad that you played it too safe, because you didn’t go after the season of life that you really wanted.


A Practical Way to Move Forward in 2016


Download your copy of the 2016 Sales Goal Tracker:


2016 sales goal tracker


It is a practical way to track your progress in a day-to-day manner.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve received numerous messages about how many of you have used it in 2015 and have achieved or smashed your sales goals for the year.


Are you a current Thrive Member?  Go to the private Facebook group to download the tool or email me at to request your copy.


About 1 out of 9 of you reading this are current Thrive Members or have been a Thrive Member in the past 12 months.  Thrive Members are who I like helping best – serious Etsy sellers that are serious about achieving success.


In 2016, I’m going to continue giving every advantage possible to help Thrive Members succeed – and that continues with exclusive Etsy SEO tips from statistical research.


Bonus 2016 Encouragement


Last year, I encouraged you to make 2015 a year of “No excuses.  No laziness.  No comparison” – that still holds true, but I want even more for you.


I want you to know where you want to go, make plans on how to get there, and go for it.  The worst that can happen is you fail…and failure is only the next step in your journey towards success.


Regards, Jason


P.S. – Please make sure we are connected on Facebook (primary connection) and Instagram (behind the scenes).  Also make sure you have received my free gifts via email.  May your 2016 be simple, with aim, and the appropriate season for your business.


P.S.S. – If you’re still sitting on the fence considering to try out Thrive, I hope that 2016 is the year we get to work together. 

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