For years, when it comes to Etsy SEO – the place everyone starts is title and tags. This is good, because it still matters. I call a product title, tag, and materials the Primary Keyword Targeting dimension of good Etsy SEO.


In the big picture, titles, tags, and materials are the first of five dimensions that you have to look at to make sure you are giving yourself every opportunity to appear highest in the search. We will also cover material tags in this section, because frankly – they matter! AND not too many people are considering modifying their materials tags like they can to maximize their statistical chances of moving up in the Etsy search results.


In these series of articles I’m going to follow a simple formula. Tell you an Etsy SEO truth, show you data that revealed that truth to me, and provide an action step for how you can apply that truth to your Etsy shop. I’ll also occasionally throw in something that you might think you need to worry about, but really don’t (also known as SEO myths).


• Tell you an Etsy SEO Truth


• Show You data that backs up that Truth


• Provide an action step to apply to your Etsy shop


• Tell you about things that aren’t worth worrying about


Etsy Product Titles


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