Handmade at Amazon has only been launched a few hours and I want to share with you what I’ve learned about the inventory so far.  I’ll also share a few takeaways on how you might want to use this information to gain an edge in your business.

A Global Marketplace with room to grow…

Etsy has stated that about 30% of their sales take place with one party being in a different country.  As of right now, about 85% of all H@A inventory appears to be located in the United States. global inventory

There have been more difficulties and concerns for non-US sellers in setting up shop, but if you can manage to establish your presence on H@A early on, I think you’ll gain some advantages by being an early adapter.

Inventory Breakout for United States

handmade at amazon united states inventory breakout


When you search Handmade at Amazon, it appears they are consistently showing the filter to shop by location.  Look how little competition your products have by state – really these numbers are at a very manageable level.





H@A vs. Etsy – Level of Competition in Inventory

Take notice of this everyone!  Handmade competition is approximately 224 times greater on Etsy than on Amazon!  This does not take into consideration other non-handmade listings on Amazon, but if you are looking for handmade on both platforms, there is a significant difference in inventory you are competing against.   Handmade at amazon inventory comparison to etsy


My expectation is that inventory will grow quickly at H@A now that it is launched for customers.  We also know that Amazon’s customer base is about 278 million strong compared to Etsy’s 21 million.  In fact, nearly 40 million people pay Amazon $99 a year for access to Amazon Prime – that audience is almost twice the size of Etsy’s audience. What am I saying?  I still smell plenty of opportunity for the handmade artist on Amazon!


Inventory Price Levels

handmade at amazon price distribution


Nothing surprises me here.  Remember to have products at various price points in your shop.


Sell on H@A?  Consider Prime!

handmade at amazon prime shipping


Only 1% of all inventory listed on Handmade at Amazon right now is eligible for Prime shipping – about 900 items.  If your can ship your product to Amazon before a customer buys it and have Amazon handle the logistics of shipping – look into this! I personally enjoy the benefits of being an Amazon Prime Member and guess what…


1.  I love Handmade!

2.  I love quick shipping!


I’m probably not alone in the fact that when you put those two together – Handmade through Prime is going to make my (and a lot of other people’s) day! :)


How much Inventory does the average shop have listed on H@A?


There are about 90,000 items listed on H@A.  I’ve read in a Wall Street Journal article that there are about 5,000 sellers on H@A.   This means that each H@A seller has about an average of 18 products listed.  If you can list 36 items, you’ve already got twice the chances to receive a sale compared to other H@A sellers.  List away!


How can I make the most of this new marketplace opportunity?




If you’re serious about making the most out of H@A, you’re likely already an Ama-preneurship Thrive Member (thank you, I’m having a blast working with you and your shop)! :)   If you’re currently in the other 98 percentile, I welcome you to join our community.


What have Ama-preneurship Thrive Members been up to in the past month?


  • Setting up shop with the help of a to-do list summary and a checklist that helped them make sure they were 100% ready for today’s launch date.


  • Watched a video about how to create an Artisan profile page that is at the highest levels of excellence.


  • Many have received a video review of their H@A storefront with suggestions to tweak.


  • Watched a video about listing tips embedded within the category selection step.


  • Asked tons of questions and had their questions answered by fellow Ama-preneurship Thrive Members and myself.


And the benefits of being a Thrive Member are just getting started…

Now that the site is live, there’s so much more we can learn from hard data and experiments to improve our shops and get more sales and establish our handmade shops as the best on Amazon.   Business opportunities are meant to be seized.  Hire me to help you succeed.

Join Ama-preneurship Thrive - Handmade at Amazon Tips


P.S. – I’m excited to hear about many of you that are already having multiple sales today and many within a few hours of H@A’s launch! :)  Regards, Jason 

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