Noam and Sigal Zakai, Etsy sellers , share some smart reasons why you should consider backing up your Etsy shop regularly. Enjoy their article! Regards, Jason of Etsy-preneurship


It’s probably hit you already, but setting up and maintaining a shop in Etsy is a time consuming task. Based on our own experience and research, the typical shop owner invests a significant amount of time in writing detailed descriptions of their products, taking pictures, and deliberating over those images until the right ones are chosen. In addition, you’ll want to optimize the shop listings to get them ranked as high as possible in Etsy; this in itself is a continuous effort that requires the constant tweaking of listings.


And these are just the basic steps in maintaining your shop.


The reality is that your shop goes through continuous changes, and even though Etsy is a well-established service and a perfectly secure place for your current shop version (as long as you obey Etsy’s policies), Etsy will not save previous versions of your listing details.


Etsy shop backup 3


“Why do I care about previous shop versions?”


Manual Backups Stink

Etsy recommends backing up your Etsy shop and even provides a manual way for partial backup – but their solution saves text listings only, it  does NOT save images and other shop info.


Shop Suspension Risks

Etsy has very strict policies and when they suspect foul play they can (and will) suspend your shop – in this case you will lose access to all your shop data. You may well have all the images and data somewhere on your computer, but imagine all that time you’ll have to reinvest if you have to recreate your shop from scratch based on the material on your PC… read this sorry tale to understand what that entails.


Etsy shop backup 2


Everyone makes mistakes…

Look, we’re only human, errors happen. If we delete an item or modify an item by mistake we need to recreate it from what we have on our PC. But are the descriptions we saved and used or pictures that we think we used really the ones we used…?


A “go-back” Button

You’ve probably invested a lot of time in tagging and modifying listing descriptions in order to improve your listings position in Etsy. Sometimes you see improvements, but sometimes changes you made can result in a loss of traffic to your listing – in this case, if you have a backup you can simply revert to the previous version of the item. If you don’t have a backup, well, you will need to recreate the listing settings from memory, which can take a lot of time and is still prone to errors.


Restore your shop (from a sale)

Usually after applying some kind of discount offer to your shop you’ll need to modify all your listings to remove the discount notice. If you have an updated backup you can simply restore the items to the previous version.


Etsy shop backup 1


Desktop & Cloud Backups

Saving shop details on your PC is recommended, but it is also highly recommended to save an additional copy in another location such as a cloud service. Our PC’s hard disk is not 100% failsafe, while laptops can also be easily lost / broken / stolen.


peace of mind


Peace of Mind

Lastly, but by no means least, backing up previous shop listings will bring peace of mind. You invested all that time, that energy and all those emotions in setting up and maintaining your shop. Knowing that even if the worst comes to the worst a shop restore is just a mouse click away, will greatly reduce any stress and aggravations.


For the above reasons and based on four years of experience selling on Etsy by Sigal at SigalFJewelry, we developed Backtsy: an automatic backup solution for your shop on Etsy. Backtsy also provides a simple solution for restoring your listings and your shop info, if and when you need it.
We invite you to register to Backtsy. Feel free to shoot us a question if you are still not sure if Backtsy is the solution for you.


– Noam and Sigal Zakai of SigalFJewelry and




Final Thoughts From Jason

Almost every week, various Etsy app developers reach out to me to encourage me to promote their product and for me to tell you, the Etsy-preneurship audience all about it.  This is one of the few apps I solidly recommend.  


I’ve personally used Backtsy for months now, because I love the peace of mind it brings me to know that I have a cloud backup of all my Etsy data.  I also like it because the backup happens automatically without me thinking about it…I’ve had good intentions to backup my Etsy shop on a regular basis, but time flies away and doing a manual backup becomes the lowest priority on my long to-do list.  The fee for the backup is so reasonable compared to the benefits it provides me.  I recommend Backtsy for every serious Etsy seller – can you really afford NOT to have your Etsy shop backed up?


Regards, Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship



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