The one constant at Etsy is that selling features change. If you don’t keep up with the changes, your Etsy shop will eventually become stagnant bit by bit. Each change also brings opportunity for smaller and newer Etsy shops to gain momentum on the site by adapting quickly. Etsy’s new front page is one of these opportunities.


When Etsy created the updated news feed style of a landing page for Etsy users, you can just ignore it or you can read into what Etsy is trying to tell its sellers is now really important for them to focus on.


Etsy’s new front page design is highlighting 4 upward moving selling concepts and downgrading another.


The Up and Down Concepts of Etsy's New Front Page



None of these concepts are new to us as Etsy sellers, but some of them sure got a lot more important than they used to be. Let’s look at each of these in detail to learn more:


Product Favorites


Back in the early years of Etsy, getting your product “hearted” was a big deal. In fact, I used to encourage Etsy sellers to find their heart to sales ratio, which could be used as an indicator how soon a product would sell . . . “When my product gets 12 heart favorites, my item will most likely sell.”


For the past few years, hearts are now called favorites and have generally been a ho-hum concept and selling feature. Sure, people hearted stuff, but it was no big deal – Etsy sellers would often favorite each other as some round-about way to market their shops to each other. A customer would have to go look at their favorites intentionally to ever see your product in front of them again.


Product Favorites Matter Again


Guess what? Product favorites matter again! Not artificial hearts from people that don’t care about your product, but organic and authentic hearts from customers that really “favorite” your product.


These favorites appear prominently in their front page news feed – ready for them to purchase right when they log into Etsy.


My next article in this series will give you some never-revealed tips to get more organic & authentic product hearts! So stay tuned . . .


Shop Favorites


This is the same concept as the product favorite, but for the favorite button for your entire shop. A shop favorite now provides you some of the larger square-sized real estate on your customer’s front page feed.


Shop home page favorites


shop favorite on product page


Shop favorites used to be a passing selling feature, but now they “buy” you prime real estate in the news feed! Now, organic shop favorites matter more . . .


Product Renewals


Many years ago, renewing your products all the time was the best way to get to the top of Etsy’s searches, because the recency of an item was king! If you renewed daily, or even hourly in some cases, you were at the top of the search. The search also was completely irrelevant and it was near impossible to find what you were looking for.


Then, Etsy released the search relevancy selling concept. It still used how “fresh” a product listing was, so renewing was still a useful concept, but it lost a bit of ground since proper title and tags mattered a little more.


Now, The relevancy concept still holds (titles and tags do matter), but renewing a product has gotten a little bit of a bump up since new items from your favorite shops receive real estate at the very top of the new front page.



Stale Products don't show up here


You don’t have to go crazy with the renewals, but I don’t encourage your items to sit idle in your shop for months if you want them to appear in this new feed. Also, don’t renew all your products at the same time. Space them out through many days so you are appearing in this feed more often – like when your potential customer just happens to be logging in!


Trending Items


This concept has been around, but now if you are ending up on this landing page, see a few products that Etsy suggests, but are not interested in any of them and still want to find something cool to purchase. . . you probably click “Trending Items” because it is the first hyperlink you see!


Some Etsy sellers have been discussing how if you get all of your social media connections, family, and friends to favorite your product really quickly, you get on the trending items and stay there for a couple of days.


If you look at the items that are trending, you will probably see most of them have a lot of hearts! So hearts probably do matter in the algorithm that Etsy is using to find the trending items.


Trending on Etsy


There will be games to play to get lots of hearts on a product, just like there were treasury games to play to make a treasury “hot” and improve the chances to make the front page.


I’ve seen these games now called “heart attacks”. Where the listing must be completely fresh (not a renewal or relisted item). Personally, these games make me tired, but to each their own!


These games are not bad. Just remember, they are temporary and artificial as compared to organic. Organic favorites build lasting and sustainable businesses. Artificial favorites get you a temporary boost in traffic and sales.


Don’t get me wrong! Both concepts are good . . . I just suggest you put more of your efforts into building organic favorites as compared to artificial favorites. Every once in a while, maybe you should play the game, but don’t wake up and spend hours favoriting other people’s products when you should have been doing something else for your business.


Treasuries are Down


I like treasuries – they are fun to put together and discover new products. I consider them like mini art canvases of Etsy products.


They are down near the bottom on the landing front page . . . an afterthought. They don’t show up on potential customer’s new feeds just randomly . . . someone has to favorite it.


Treasury heart attack final


They still are a fun way to promote products and are helpful on social media and make connections with other Etsy sellers by featuring someone else’s product. They just aren’t as important as they once were, so if treasuries were a strategy you were using, you can probably cut back your involvement.


So how should you react to these concepts?


1.  Encourage organic customers to like your products and shop.
2.  See if you are up for the challenge to make one of your products go viral with lots of favorites in a short period of time and aim for the trending item status.
3.  Focus less time on curating treasuries.


4.  Read my next post in this series which will show you some killer techniques to increase your organic favorites naturally!



Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship


4 trending selling concepts for Etsy's New Front Page


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