This is not your typical Etsy SEO article.  Here are 3 mistakes only a few Etsy sellers are talking about openly right now.  Only read this article if you’re a serious Etsy seller that is open to new ideas surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Etsy.  I’m ready to help bring this topic to the light of day…


Mastering Etsy SEO is not optional.  It is an essential. 


In the past 4 months, I have lived, breathed, and ate Etsy SEO (making your Etsy products easier for customers to find when they search for your product while on Etsy).  I think I can confidently say that the only individuals that have spent more time on Etsy SEO than myself are the programmers at Etsy that maintain the search algorithm.





That’s not a boast – it’s just the reality behind the number of hours I have spent gathering search data, analyzing it, identifying trends, and running various experiments for the benefit of Thrive Members.  Etsy SEO has more moving pieces than most Etsy sellers realize.  The variables I have identified can statistically “prove” 80-90% of the Etsy search results (R-squared values if you are statistically-inclined).


Etsy SEO is a science.


I’ve followed Etsy SEO closely for years.  Before I immersed myself in this topic for Thrive Members, I admit it, “I believed things about Etsy SEO that simply are not true.”  Now that I’ve run experiments and gathered hard data from real searches and used statistical methods to find trends (tips) – I’ve discovered techniques that surprised me and some slight nuances that are significant.


As I’ve been working closely with hundred of Etsy sellers as they tweak their listings to optimize for targeted keyword phrases, a few themes have emerged that might shift a lot of Etsy seller’s paradigms about Etsy’s search results.  You could call these themes something like “mistakes” or “errors in perceptions” surrounding Etsy SEO.


I want to share what’s only been talked about quietly among a few and share it with everyone:


#1 – Many of the Etsy SEO tips we read are myths…


…or so generic and cookie-cutter that they are not very helpful.  We need Etsy SEO truth – not myths or nuggets.


Tips must be very specific.  They must be actionable.  Tips must be observable.  Tips must not be known by the majority of Etsy sellers to really be an effective tip.


If everyone keeps reading the same old recycled Etsy SEO tip articles and forum posts, these myths (or at best half-truths) are retold over and over.  If everyone follows the same tips, everyone can’t be ranked at the top of the search.  Other search variables have to differentiate a product’s order in the search results-it is a necessity.




If you’re accepting Etsy SEO tips as truth from any source that hasn’t performed experimental tests, number crunching, created graphs and performed statistical analysis  – you’re relying upon instincts instead of hard proven data.  An algorithm is math and science – not magic you have to guess at wildly or only rely on one-off experiences.


You don’t need instincts for a technical subject like Etsy SEO – you need hard data and facts.  That’s why I gather data and rely upon statistics to discover true tips for good Etsy SEO.


#2 – Trust what Etsy does, not what Etsy says.


Back many years ago, when Etsy first introduced the relevancy search function, the tips Etsy shared were like gold.


      Through my SEO studies, I have found that things Etsy has told us about Etsy SEO do not match the actual order of search results.  I’m not saying they are trying to mislead people.   I’m saying that,           


You can’t expect to differentiate your products from the masses if everyone is largely relying upon the same tips that Etsy provides to every single Etsy seller.  I suggest you trust trends found from real Etsy search results for your tips – not just what Etsy suggests as tips.  


#3 – Focus on the Etsy SEO techniques that matter.  Ignore the rest.


I used to think doing certain things for your titles and tags was of the utmost importance only to discover it really didn’t help a listing move up in the search results.


There are Etsy SEO tips that simply tell you . . . . “Don’t worry about doing xyz – it doesn’t help your listing’s search rank.”


What you don’t do is often times just as important as what you do when it comes to Etsy SEO.  After my in-depth Etsy SEO studies, I now am aware that Etsy sellers are sometimes focused on things that just don’t matter – and in many cases waste precious time.


It’s possible to stumble upon consistently appearing high in the Etsy search results for your products, but it’s much easier to get there if you know what to do to improve your odds of appearing there.  Being intentional about the tactics you use when you list a product helps you not waste time chasing after things don’t help your Etsy shop.  


So what can you do with these “hush-hush mistakes” now that you know them?


Don’t make them.


  • If the world knows the “tip” and has been recycled by 100 blogs, it’s not really helping you.
  • Trust what Etsy’s search shows – not what they say about search results.
  • Knowing what doesn’t influence Etsy SEO is as important as knowing what does influence Etsy SEO.


Right now, there are over 500 Thrive Members that are not making these mistakes and building their shops on a firm Etsy SEO foundation.  They are the ones that have already been faintly discussing and hearing these “whispers” among the Etsy community.


Thrive Members don’t have to rely on “half-truth” advice, suggestions from Etsy, and spend time on techniques that don’t work.  You deserve better than randomly stumbling onto the first page of an Etsy search result or continually side-stepping Etsy SEO’s role in your business.


Closing Thoughts from Jason:


I want to make these “mistakes” to be known among the wider community of Etsy sellers and allow people to discuss these topics openly – even if my obvious solution to avoid the mistakes is to become a Thrive Member.


The fact that Thrive is a solution to such a pressing and misunderstood problem makes me realize that I’m doing my job for every Thrive Member – providing Thrive Members the tips, tools, & know-how to give their Etsy shop every advantage to thrive.


Thousands of Etsy sellers will read this article and just keep surfing the internet, but for those that become Thrive Members as a result of reading this article – I’ve done my job.  My job is to help your Etsy shop thrive.  Regards, Jason


P.S. – If this article offends you because I didn’t tell you the specific details of all 40+ tips & techniques for Etsy SEO that I discovered after performing many tests, performing in-depth statistical analysis, etc – I’m sorry you feel that way.  At least, I’ve helped you consider that 1) not everything you read about Etsy SEO can be taken as truth (show me the data!), 2) the things Etsy says about Etsy SEO is different from what real search results reveal, and 3) it’s easy to focus on SEO techniques that are a waste of time.  You are also aware that there is a solution to avoid these “hush-hush mistakes” . . .  Thrive.  I welcome you to join our community and I would consider it a pleasure to work with you. 

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