This week marks my one-year anniversary of being self-employed (that’s my view while writing this article)  In this season of my life, the decision to make the “jump” to full-time self-employment has been a GRAND SLAM!


It’s been better for my family and myself.  I love the autonomy and challenges.  I enjoy the flexibility and risks/rewards.  I enjoy the Thrive Members I work with.


You’ve made my first year a blast and I thank you for it!  Here’s to our next year together as I continue to help your Etsy shop thrive  . . . WITH A PASSION!


I hope you enjoy these 25 snippet tips/takeaways from my first year of self-employment.


25 Snippet Tips Since I Quit My Day Job One Year Ago – For Etsy Sellers


  1. Not every day is a home-run. Just make sure you do something to move ahead each day.
  2. Working on the right things is way more important that just working.
  3. A solid strategy and plan is usually worth more than a quick start.
  4. Consistent work hours provide stability to a business.
  5. Use a calendar to keep track of your commitments & goals.
  6. Invest in the right tools to do your job.
  7. Spending money wisely should typically speed up growth.
  8. Using a timer creates “good enough” results instead of “perfect”.
  9. Consistent business cycles create stability in your business.
  10. Don’t be afraid to say no to others.
  11. Don’t get by on free software when what you need really costs money.
  12. Use a spouse or a friend as your social media message filter.
  13. Don’t post it just because you wrote it. Give your best and censor yourself.
  14. You will always have more to do than time to do it – if you don’t, your business is probably dying.
  15. Write what you want your life to look like, then create strategies to help you achieve that. Work backwards from the goal.
  16. Eliminate your work distractions aggressively.
  17. Work in batches to increase efficiency.
  18. Eliminate work that doesn’t accomplish the results you want.
  19. Automate tasks to the best of your abilities.
  20. Don’t let perfection become your enemy.
  21. Read and keep learning – boosters for your business.
  22. Don’t compare your day-to-day operations to your competitor’s IG highlight reel.
  23. Financial “cushion” helps expand your creativity and take calculated business risks.
  24. Connect with others to discover new business opportunities.
  25. Wake up before your alarm clock goes off excited to start the business day.


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