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“When I work with a fellow entrepreneur, I am fully engaged and committed.  My passion, knowledge, experience, and strengths become part of your business – you receive my very best.” – Jason Malinak CPA of Etsy-preneurship.com.


This isn’t “soft” coaching – facing fears, motivation, vision, etc.  This is consulting – techniques, skills, strategies, action plans, projects, and tasks.  1 on 1 consulting can be thought of as a transfer of one person’s knowledge, experience, and strengths to another.  You’re probably familiar with my Etsy knowledge and experience, but can you easily identify the unique strengths I will bring to your business during our consulting session?




As a learner, I can easily put myself into the “shoes” of your business identifying ways for your business to improve. Once I have the facts, I am able to analytically “search my internal database” of thousands of Etsy sellers I have worked with through the years to identify all of the factors that might relate to your business.  Then, I think and develop unique solutions, strategies, and business techniques using my strength of intellection.  Next, utilizing my strength of belief, I find core values, principles, and systems that you can follow that will increase the stability and consistency of your business operations.  Finally, as a relator, as we work closely together on the goal of improving your business – I don’t view it as work – it’s a relationship. (from Strength Finders 2.0)


It’s impossible to invest myself  at this high level of energy – with every person I meet – all of the time.


This means I will only do 1 on 1 consulting – for only one person – only once a week.


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Budgets “find room” for the most impactful purchases…


I learned an important concept from one of my entrepreneurial mentors.  He said,


“Those entrepreneurs that see the biggest transformations in their businesses are not the ones that do it while lurking and reading the myriads of ‘free advice articles’.  Instead, it’s those that pay to take a course, buy a tool, read a book, become a member, or schedule a consultation that have the best success stories. A transaction creates a resolve that physically moves a person toward greater achievement.  The best success stories don’t come from the anonymous reader, but from a committed and engaged relationship. Relationships matter – you generally receive what you pay for.”


I’ve found this is true in my own business experiences and realize it will probably be similar for you.  You’ve got to invest time and money in your business or it simply won’t go to the next level.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


The price of 1 on 1 consulting comes down to supply and demand.  Supply is scarce – I am only offering one consulting session each week.  Demand is high – almost every Etsy seller would like to have this session with me.  Do you remember what Economics 101 would tell us about this scenario?


$508 for 2 impactful hours, a dynamic relationship, and a clear path to take your business to the next level.


For the price of 3 nights in a nice hotel, 2 airline tickets, or giving up a small weekend get-a-way, you can easily increase the number of sales your business generates in the future.  The ROI is easy to recover*.


*If you can’t easily see the ROI for this service, this 1 on 1 consultation is probably not the right service for you at this time.  The bottom line is that I am thankful for you – whether you book this time slot or not.  I want to help you decide what the best investment is for your business.  There will always be a place for everyone to invest in themselves and their business within the Etsy-preneurship community.


Is this type of 1 on 1 consulting right for you?


Less than a handful of individuals will be able to receive 1 on 1 consulting from me in any month, while hundreds of individuals already benefit from my additional support as a Thrive Member.


If you’re not currently a Thrive Member, this 1 on 1 consultation is not what you need right now.  First, you should achieve all you can as a Thrive Member.  Learn more(1 on 1 consulting is available only for Thrive Members).


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I’m ready to help you invest in your business, so you can thrive and take your business to the next level.  Are you ready?


You have 3 investment options:


  • I want to invest $508 for a 2 hour consulting session with Jason. (Select a time slot from the calendar below).


  • I want to invest $13.41 per month to improve my business and become a Thrive Member.


  • I want your freebies, to help build up our relationship before I become a Thrive Member.


Schedule your 1 on 1 Consulting Session Now!




What does this consultation look like?


  1. Schedule an open Thursday time slot from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (Central Time Zone), answer a few pre-consultation questions, and submit payment via PayPal.
  2. You will receive an email displaying your session’s time slot and then you will receive an acceptance email once the session is confirmed.  In this email, I will share details about how we will perform our session online. I will share my computer screen with you (and you can do likewise).  You can ask me any and all of the questions you want (truly there are no dumb business questions). We can discuss your obstacles, challenges, and goals for your business.  I’ll ask you questions, too.  I can review your Etsy shop and online presence.  I will make suggestions.  It will be personal, productive, and hands-on.  Anticipate breakthroughs and a focused to-do list that will achieve the results you are looking for.  I can absolutely help you turn your business efforts around during our session.  (Typical topics include:  Etsy shop review, accounting/tax/financial/legal questions, social media marketing strategies, Etsy SEO assistance, marketing plans, growth strategies, start up business plans, project prioritization, special project assistance, opportunity identification, and more).
  3. I will record the session and send it to you so you can reference it as you are developing, growing, and improving your business.


Note:  All time slots are at a premium and are often booked in advance.  If you reschedule, in essence, you take up two time slots and they are not often fillable at the last minute.  Appointments cannot be rescheduled and cancellations are not refunded.


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