A Lesson Learned at the Playground


Last spring my kids and I made an effort to try at least 1 new playground a week. While all three of my kids loved the slides and swings, I found that they were getting bored easily and wanted to leave within 10 minutes of arriving.


This is unacceptable when I just spent 45 minutes packing up the car before we left.


So I developed a game to have them want to stay at the playground longer. We call it the Playground Challenge. When we got to the park, I would make a list on a clipboard of all the things they could try. I would sit down on a bench, and after they would complete each task, they would run back to me and make a check mark by what they completed.


Do you know what happened?


  • They played longer.
  • They enjoyed their experience more.
  • They tried new things they wouldn’t have by themselves.
  • And I got to sit and drink my tea.


Mommy for the win :)


Mommy win, Etsy Laughs, Compromise


Lindsie, a Thrive Member from Every Day Summit, makes hand painted coffee mugs, cards, prints and more.


Suggestion + Direction = Longer Engagement Time


Question: How can you Turn your Etsy Shop into a Virtual Playground Experience for your customers?


Answer: Hyperlinks!


The longer a customer stays in your shop, the more likely they are to buy something. Suggestion (offering options) and direction (telling a customer where to find it) is key to making sure your shopper sees more of your products, understands your brand, and feels comfortable to make a purchase from your shop.


If you have no links in the description of your products, you are missing out on an opportunity for longer customer engagement.


Remember, if they’re not staying in your shop, they’re going somewhere else.


etsy landing page, don't let customers leave your shop

Amanda, a Thrive Member from Bugaboo Bear Designs, sells hand lettered, hand drawn and hand painted designs.



The Benefits of Using Hyperlinks in your Description:


  • Keeps a customer in your shop longer


  • Helps them see products they normally wouldn’t search for


  • Answers their questions before they know they have them


  • And ABOVE ALL ELSE…..keeps them away from the dreaded back button.



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Tricia, a Thrive Member from Kid Essence, sells handmade activities for kids, plush toys, lap desks.


Here are the 11 different ways you can use the power of the hyperlink to engage your customers:


1. Shop Sections


Add a link to the end of your description giving your customer the options of all of the different Shop Sections they can explore.


            “For bags, click here: ______________

            For scarves, click here: ______________

            For mittens, click here: _____________

            For photography props, click here: ____________

            For items ready to ship, click here:____________


2. Color


If you sell home decor or party items, jewelry, photos, clothing, or art it is likely that a shopper will purchase your item based on its color. To help them find a particular color, use this little hack to lead them in the right direction.


  1. Go to the top of your shop and type a color into your shop’s search engine.
  2. Copy the URL address.
  3. Go to bitly.com
  4. Paste the link into their link shortener.
  5. Copy the new link.
  6. Paste it into your description.


(For more directions on using bitly.com for your Etsy shop, see video tutorial below.)


                        Looking for a certain color?

                        Green: _____________

                        Blue: ________________

                        Red: ________________

                        Yellow: ________________


3. Sizes


If you offer different sizes or amounts of your items, you can share this in your description.


            “Looking for a different size? Check out this listing : _________________”


handstamped jewelry. etsy shop, etsy community

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Amber, a Thrive member from Simpli Stamped, offers family tree necklaces with three, four, and five custom name leaves. She lists the different options in each description for her customers to easily find.


4. Related Products


If you have products that are related, make sure your customer knows.


If you like this necklace, here is a matching set of earrings. _________

If you like floral scented soaps, try these scents too. ______________

Dont forget to purchase the matching Save the Date card for these Invitations! __________


5. Unrelated Products


If you have a shop that sells different types of items, direct your customer to look around.


If you like my candles, please consider pairing it with a wooden home decor sign from my shop as well ____


offer a variety, show customers what you offer, lead customers through shop


Kim, a Thrive member from Jumping Pineapple, sells hand painted signs and hand made shoes in her Etsy shop. Since moms love to decorate nurseries, she is capitalizing on two things the same customer might want.


6. Home Page


Have your customer return to your home page so they can get an overall feel of all of the products you create.

                        “Click here to return to my shop’s home page: _____________________”


etsy home page, customer confidence, customer satisfaction, customer service

Carrie, a Thrive Member from Cr2f, makes beautiful prints for your home decor.


7. Feedback Page


Let your customer know how others value your products and service by sharing your page with your raving 5 star feedback.


            “See what other customers are saying about their purchases! _________________


shine your star listing, share your star sellers, promote popular product


Anna, a Thrive Member from Anna Roberts Arts, makes paintings, sculpture, boxes, cards, and prints.


8. Other Shops


If you have more than one shop, let your customers know!


 “I also sell craft supplies at my other shop here: _________________________. I will be happy to  ship your orders together if you purchase from both shops.

9. Treasuries


If you have been added to a Treasury collection, or have made treasuries yourself, link them in your description. This will give you credibility as you have been featured by other artists.


See my items featured in Etsy treasuries here: _______________


10. Policies


Most buyers will not automatically read through all your policies, so make sure they are given the directions to read them before making a purchase. This will hopefully solve potential problems if a customer does not know about payment, shipping, or if and how they can return an item.


Please check out my policies before purchasing this item: ___________


11. Social Media


By giving links to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Newsletter, blog, website, or Tumblr, it will help funnel your customer to ways they can connect with you outside of your Etsy shop.


Lets stay connected! Please Like my facebook page here: _______________

See how other customers have styled my products on my Instagram page: __________

Sign up for my newsletter to receive future coupons and promotions: ____________


gain customer trust, build customer relationship, customer service


Barbara, a Thrive Member from One Tribe Jewelry, encourages her customers to find her on various social media platforms at the end of her product descriptions.


3 Tips for Keeping your Hyperlinks Looking Tidy and Professional


Hyperlinks can be long and unsightly and take up a lot of real estate in your description. Here are a few tips to make them look nice.


1. Make it Pretty


Add more visual Interest by using professional text art.


Read this Etsypreneurship article here to get ideas on how to use art, arrows, pretty bullets, and characters to attract more attention to text and links in your description.


2. Use bitly.com


If you want your Etsy Shop links to look nice and tidy, consider using bitly.com to shorten them. It is free, simple, and will keep your description looking polished.


Video tutorial on how to shorten and customize Bitly links:


3. Don’t go overboard


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Chris, a Thrive Member from Look Here Jane, makes decorative pillow covers. (I love how she uses the shop sections so customers can easily look for colors!)


Question: Should you use all of these links in your description?

Answer: No.


Too many links will confuse and overwhelm a customer while they are shopping. Choose what sections or products you want to highlight most, and create hyperlinks that will keep your customer engaged longer.


To Consider


  • Is there a question you get asked over and over by customers that may tell you where a hyperlink in your description is needed?


  • Is there a section, product, or upgrade that you provide that you want all of your customers to see?


Final Thoughts from Jason


Adding appropriate hyperlinks within your Etsy listings is a good strategy to help keep your customers engaged with all of your shop and products while browsing one of your items.  The moment someone looks at one of your products they are either buying it, not liking it, or trying to find something they do like.  Links like these help them accomplish the last goal of finding something else they really do like.  


While there is a philosophy out there that says once a person is on your product page, you should not redirect them anywhere else, because that product has already caught their attention and they are close to purchase.  I disagree.  As long as someone is bouncing around the pages you want them to bounce around on, you are building trust and rapport with the customer.  


Everyone knows that everybody is clicking everywhere with little thought while surfing online…it’s a wide web out there, folks!  :)  So go ahead and create your own little web within the larger web in hopes of keeping their attention long enough to convert to a sale.


A top performing Etsy shop pays attention to the details and having good links like these help keep your customers engaged instead of leaving your product or shop, never to return.  Regards, Jason


Megan Benson is a Thrive Member and Queen of Felt Ball Land, where she sells wool felt ball garlands in her Etsy Shop, Sheep Farm Felt.  

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